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  1. cass

    Funeral Videography Services

    Hello! This is Cassandra here :) I know the above header might come across as a sensitive content to some, however I believe that it is a beautiful memory to capture down the very last journey of our loved ones so that they can be remembered fondly in us. I started making funeral videos or...
  2. cass

    Product Photographer Wanted ($500-$600)

    Hello! thanks all for your interest, we're filled up for this position! :)
  3. cass

    Product Photographer Wanted ($500-$600)

    Hello! We're actively looking for photographer that could help us in the shoot for our products, mainly on pumping equipment. Shoot should take about 1-2 days depending on photographer's completion. Photographer should be able to edit the series of chosen photos before handing over. We aim to...