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    Vision In Action: "Back to the Start" (Collaboration with Juice SG & Asus SG) Hey all, Rarely do I post my stuff here, couldn't find a reason not to this time. So anyways, here's a recent work of mine that I produced. It is part of a short film series project launched by ASUS Singapore and JUICE Singapore to promote the...
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    Dark Comedy Short Film (Tales Of An Introvert Zombie)

    Thanks for your feedback! No offence taken! Yes it has a zombie in the film, however that's just an extra detail, I'm practising on focusing on the character development rather than the zombie part. Like more on the character's actions and identity rather than his backstory. But thanks anyways...
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    Dark Comedy Short Film (Tales Of An Introvert Zombie)

    Hey guys, This is a short film I directed half a year ago, released (sort of officially) a week back. Spend a couple of minutes to check it out and let me know what you guys think of it! Video link: Cheers! -Syamsul
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    Advice need for bad service from so called cinematographer

    Just take note of the company, so in the future, you would know and tell your friends and maybe your friends' friends not to take up the company and to be careful about hiring a company. Other than that, if possible, do ask for all the footages and pictures from them, I believe that the services...