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    Off Camera Flash(es) for M43 Cameras

    Thank you Spidey89 The reason why i was leaning to the Nissin i60a was that it was more compact than most the other other models while still being a little more powerful than the i40. I have read many reviews and pages on flashes and for many, size and weight was a major consideration for them...
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    Off Camera Flash(es) for M43 Cameras

    Hi All, I am using a Panasonic DMC-G7. I have been shooting cosplay pictures and recently found that I require a better flash than the pop-up flash on the camera, to take better pictures as lighting is not always favorable. I am looking for a off-camera (shoe mount) flash with a high GN value...
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    Capture dance in Motion with Panasonic 4K Photography Workshop

    Hey guys, I think the Editor meant that ANY CS members can register for this...JUST DO IT !!! The list still stands at 40, just add yourself to the existing list now instead of waiting for replies or someone to add you to the list for you. Everyone who is in the Successful List will be notified...
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    Capture dance in Motion with Panasonic 4K Photography Workshop

    Capture dance in Motion with Panasonic 4K Photography Workshop 1. Mambostevie 2. Elmoo 3. Canonised 4. Firerawkz 5. Steve pow 6. Honda 7. badtzdiana 8. Davin Boo 9. Esther Ong 10. Eric Tan 11. desmondckw 12.fly2648 13.gorabel 14.Sing Sim 15.blueblood 16.Amin Dany 17.gblokkeel...
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    Panasonic Leica 12mm F1.4 summilux

    Ouch missed this post... Hope to see and try out this 12mm F1.4 lens during Sat's "Explore Action Photography with the Panasonic GX8"... Also praying to get to try out the Panasonic 7-14mm F4 there as well (if available)... Thanks...
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    Explore Action Photography with Panasonic Mirorless

    1. Philip Chua 2. peterlim 3. mlim14 4. chanmark 5. ce2730 6. semajmis 7. Sosharp 8. tensor 9.christopher 10. john chan 11. ShioKhAzArD 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
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    Panasonic GSS: GX8, G7, GF8 and TZ110 good deals

    Thanks lippy for the heads-up on GSS promo... Got my hoots on Sunday yesterday, went to get the freebies today after work... TK Photo had run out of stock when i called on Sun. Price from SLR Revo was $850 for the G7 with 14-42 kit lens...Promo offer of $30 for a simple tripod (Tripod...