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    WTBuy: Lens - Olympus 45mm f1.8 (Black)

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Olympus Equipment Model: 45mm f1.8 (Black) Budget (S$): Pls offer Description: Prefer brand new set (comes as a gift with the EM10 as Sitex offer). Real Name: Simon Warranty Status: 12 mths Additional...
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    Best prices for Sigma lens ( Made in Japan ) Authorise Dealer

    Please pm me the price of Sigma 35mm f1.4 and 18-35 f1.8 (Nikon mount).
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    Test image upload

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    F31FD Card Error

    I encountered the same problem on 2 xD cards using my f30, and the worst part is : I can't even reformat the cards now, have to send to service center for checking now.
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    F10, F11, F30 -- Share your pictures HERE

    Was e-quoted S$549 with 1G Type-H xD and mini tripod last week.
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    Selamat Datang ke KlubSNAP (Looking for all Malaysian and Indonesian speaking!!!!)

    1) Darren = Abang Besar Darren (Petaling Jaya, Selangor) 2) Pro Image = Danny (Taman Pelangi, Johor dan USJ, Selangor) 3) IBS = Imran (Orang Singapura, Kampung Ubi) 4) Bumortic = Bum (Sg, TamPenis) 5) Ivan11 = Ivan (???) 6) NavyBlue = Wid (Tempat lahir: Jakarta, Indonesia. Tempat tinggal...
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    I have both, :sweat: ..... plus 2 loving kids. :bsmilie:
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    What is the one nikon mount lens you regretted buying?

    12) Tokona 28-80 (have 24, 50, 85 and 105 prime also, end up only brought out 1 time in past 4 years due to its weight)
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    Hongkong Prices

    remember to exchange money in Singapore bf going, S$ rate in mongkok is horrible, about HKD4.05 to 1$ Sing, while I got HKD4.785 here.
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    Hongkong Prices

    Just come back from HK last week, Bought SB800 at WingSheng in Mongkok @ HKD2480, by credit card. The warranty card shows " Nikon Worldwide Service Warranty", no sure is it recognized by Nikon Singapore though.
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    Feisol vs Velbon

    Has anyone ever compared Velbon 540/640 to Feisol's 1228 equilvalent? Thinking of either buying Velbon in HK or Feisol here in singapore, price should be comparable, any suggestion?
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    Nikon D70 failed and continuous blinking of CF light

    My camera was sent for repairing in December, now warranty just expired, bet it better don't fail on me again.
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    Nikon D70 failed and continuous blinking of CF light

    Don't think it is due to heat or humidity, mine was put in dry cabinet in air-con room most of the time, only taken out averagely once or twice a month, but still failed.
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    D70 Cannot switch On

    i think it is too early to conclude that the problem only occurs to those who bought the early batch, cos it only appears after 9~10 month of usage, (apparently those who bought the early batch start to have problem from December onward). ...let's wait for 1~2 mths to see if any cam other...
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    D70 Cannot switch On

    I encountered the same problem early december, it took ~12 days for them to replace the "FPC". Mine was bought in 28 Feb, only shot ~1460 photos when this happened. seemed not related to usage, maybe design or part quality problem during early batch, hopefully.
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    Price Cut: MO $83 New Pro-line Studio Tents with 2 Free *Color Background

    List your nick here if interested: 1. oeyvind 2. AlexLum 3. Flare 4. AhV 5. meepokman 6. LiOnElLiN (only black & blue) 7. songandesther 8. rusty 9. mapman 10. zerstorer 11. T50JOHN 12. YihYeong 13. Brett 14. dkw 15. FiveIronFrenzy 16. zod (2 x black) 17. Trigger (Black and Blue)...