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    Macro Outing 2 (Singapore Botanical Garden)

    Hi to all Macro shooter out there, care to join me for an outing? All are welcome.... Sat. 27-12-2008 8.00am. to 1pm. Meet at Entrance Receptions(The one near Gleneagles Hospital). Those who wish to leave early can do so, advice to bring water and food if needed, will provide some if the group...
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    Nikon Mega Outing 2007- Babes Shoot

    thanks for all the critics & your time to comment. It helps me to understand how my shots stand from different perspectives. Most of the posted shots are sharp enough looking at full crop, but soft due to my inadequate pp (the compression + selective gaussian blur + diffuse glow deliberately...
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    Nikon Mega Outing 2007- Babes Shoot

    Thanks for your kind comments. couple of shots more. 11 12
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    Nikon Mega Outing 2007- Babes Shoot

    Thanks to Clubsnap, Nikon, Models and friends. It was a nice learning experience and fun. My humble newbie shots. 1 2 3 4 5
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    Nikon, Clubsnap Mega Outing 4 Aug - Payment And Confirmation

    Morning Session - Embracing Nature 2007 - $10.00 (Include Lunch) Participants: PAID 1. szhoe - paid 2. ah.zeep - paid 3. widezoom - paid 4. BlueBull - paid 5. waipeng - paid 6. aline - paid 7. robotech - paid 8. mooworld - paid 9. Fumio - paid 10. Vincere – paid 12. jtnet -...
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    Raynox (Japan) Products Now Available in Singapore! Part One

    Hi Jim, I have dropped you a PM. Please reserve a CM-3500A set for me and let me know once its available. Regards Sethu
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    What settings on your D80 ?

    Best way to go out & shoot. You can also check out This has been discussed in thread Good luck.
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    Popular Photography and Imaging magazine subscribers?

    hi, I subsribed for the digital issues last month & received only Nov edition. I didn't get december edition. Contacting pop photo support, I was told my subscription was temporarily suspended as they didn't had my email id & would resume only from March 2007. Better be prepared to face such...
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    wireless between D70s camera to the external flash.

    Pls chk It guides you how to set wireless mode & also explains how to return to normal shooting mode. hope this helps!
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    Buying a 2nd Hand DSLR

    Also some tips offered in the thread
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    How to check DSLR body?

    Some suggestion made by someone few months ago when I bought a used dslr. Hope it is useful to you. "You would need to do more on the spot checking like mount a lens to test if the AF is working, if the lighted focusing point move as you press the command/thumb dial on the back of the camera...
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    a dance in the sand

    Took this shot of my friend's son tintin when he was really enjoying playing in the sand yesterday. Just wanted to capture the fun moment without him posing. Comments / suggestions for improvement are welcome. Regards Sethu