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  1. ageha

    Panasonic GM5 Good Deal - Til 31 Dec 2015

    Do they actually sell the dual lens kit with the 12-32 and 25 mm lenses here? Almost bought it in Japan but would prefer English menus.
  2. ageha

    Panasonic DMC-GH4

    Then you should have mention it.
  3. ageha

    New E-M5 Sales

    Glad I sold mine just in time.
  4. ageha

    Share your Nikon 1 series camera images here!

    Yeah, me too. I wouldn't buy a camera without a sponsored CS review.
  5. ageha

    Why is Canon so quiet?

    Nothing is impossible ;) but it's damn unlikely.
  6. ageha

    D600 User Thread II

    Nobody. Just because they ask for that amount doesn't mean they let it go for that price.
  7. ageha


    Yes, download the firmware installer from Sony. Since there is no firmware update out yet no such thing is available.
  8. ageha

    Why is Canon so quiet?

    You won't see a graphene sensor in your lifetime.
  9. ageha

    Why is Canon so quiet?

    Performance of the 1Dx? At that price point I expect a lot more.
  10. ageha

    New E-M5 Sales

    Maybe they're leaning from Fujifilm. ;)
  11. ageha

    Panasonic DMC-GH4

    What do you think? The price makes no sense obviously.
  12. ageha

    New E-M5 Sales

    Successor coming soon?
  13. ageha

    Panasonic DMC-GH4

    Wouldn't surprise me if Pana SG has no clue what they're actually doing. :P
  14. ageha

    X-T1 with a 4K EVF?

    Nice, the faster they spit out new top of the line models the better. Hope they add a capacitive display this time.
  15. ageha

    Panasonic GH4K

    Why should they be parallel imports if most of those shops don't even sell grey imports anyway?
  16. ageha

    SONY RX100 MkIII Press Release with Images

    Depending on the kind of distortion correcting it will make them look even fatter. :)
  17. ageha

    Panasonic DMC-GH4

    I didn't expect the body-only box to be below $2k here. The body has no competition when it comes to QHD right now. If you want it only for still its price is excessive, I would wait.