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    'Influencer' ganna told off big time when she asked for free shoot.

    sadly, even local mag are doing the same, ask photographers to shoot their product saying they will give cerdits
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    Minimum Age For Nude Photography - What's Underage and What's Not

    what about the minimum age of the photographer? wait the parents of the shooter sue the model or shoot org'er for indecent exposure to a minor how :bsmilie:
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    If we still under japan empire

    Nikon gears will be cheaper
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    Where is this? Secret location

    no head no tail how to help? go take a photo of it and post it here and we can help you to identify it :bsmilie::bsmilie::bsmilie:
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    Amos Yee vs Steven Lim

    an old saying .............. Even a fish will not get into trouble if it know how to keep it's big mouth shut :bsmilie::bsmilie::bsmilie:
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    Best advise you can get
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    Where to go printing large photo print (A0 or A1 size)

    They print on different materials, call n ask if they have the material you want
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    Where to go printing large photo print (A0 or A1 size)

    Not true, I use them to print for a client about 4 years ago and the photo is exposed to sun everyday and earlier this year when they change to another image the 4 year old photo is still ok, another example will b a batch of car decal printed 3 years ago which is still in use now.
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    Where to go printing large photo print (A0 or A1 size)

    can try Botak,, they are not a print lab but do all sorts of printing for indoor and outdoor advertising. You can even email them your file for printing an collect them when it is ready (usually the next day) cheap and good (just printed 2 pcs of 25 X 36 inch for...
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    Property Market Crash

    The Gov will not let anything drastic to happen to the market this or next year because, this year is SG50 and this year end or next year likely to be election, if crash that they also crash :bsmilie:
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    Jurong East it is...

    Property Price in Jurong up, membership price in JCC down :bsmilie:
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    Irresponsible photographer from Pixioo

    It's such "professional" Photographer who give the industry a bad name
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    Tit for tat SIN-JB entry fee

    Actually considering that we had been charging them for so long I'm surprised that they are thinking of charging only now. Having said that if the fee can bring down the volume of the traffic jam this may not be a bad thing.
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    Rant-Someone committed (kinda) my rates and schedule without me knowing!

    That's why I always tell my friends that this is "friendship rate" for them only and not my normal business rate :bsmilie:
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    Would you have given your photos?

    When you said you're "Shooting for a friend's event no charge" was the understanding that you're shooting for yourself/for fun or had you agreed to shoot the event for your friend (as in being the event photographer with deliverable) for free? If it is the former than you should charge, if it...
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    Why don't we discuss this from another angle.

    Shooting for free or low cost for a friend is fine so long as you're cool about it but the reply from your friend shows how much he thinks of you and your skills, maybe even your friendship. It would be a lost cause to try to see it from the customer's POV, as there are too many factors to...
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    Why don't we discuss this from another angle.

    Bro, you should ask them for more discount since you help to bring in customer :bsmilie::bsmilie::bsmilie:
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    Singlish helps RSAF :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    No wonder I can't find suitable models for my stock photo shoot

    Yes, CS had once again become the industry leader in this matter.
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    You need to correct your point of focus. In most head shots the eyes will be the point of focus unless the aim/purpose of the shot is somewhere else.