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  1. kirk

    Looking for makeup artiste

    Looking for makeup artiste to do shoots. Must be able to do natural look and/or simple hairdo. Pm or contact me at 98214788
  2. kirk

    WTSell: Others - Datacolor Spyder5pro

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: Datacolor Equipment Model: Spyder5pro Price (S$): 200 each Description: Brand New unopened Spyder5pro. Sealed box. 2 pieces available. Price stated is per piece. Real Name: Kirk Condition of Item: Mint...
  3. kirk

    Looking for MUA

    Looking for freelance MUA for projects. Upcoming test shoot on 4 Aug 3pm need one MUA on location. Simple natural makeup and hair. Those who just graduated from makeup school without much experience may apply. Paid but low budget. Contact me at 98214788 for clarifications.
  4. kirk

    Looking for food stylist

    Looking for food stylist for a shoot to produce photos for pizza box packaging. Date of shoot not fixed yet. Please email your quotation and portfolio to me at or sms me at 98214788 Thanks, Kirk
  5. kirk

    Looking for MUAs

    Looking for MUAs to work with for test shoots. Must be able to do natural makeup, blending, shading and toning. Basic hairstyling ability will be a plus point. Mostly outdoors. Abit low on budget though. Contact me at with your portfolio and contact if interested...
  6. kirk

    Looking for MUA for 18 and 19 Jun

    Looking for MUA for afternoon test shoots on 18 and 19 Jun. Need to be able to do natural makeup and basic hair. PM me your rates if available.
  7. kirk

    Another case of copyright infringement

    I found another model agency that infringed my copyright. The photos were used in a compcard and uploaded to their website without my permission. ;( And the model also never allowed them to use the photos!! :o Just FYI to let you guys check if your pics are used. Here's their URL...
  8. kirk

    Tracking down a fraudster named Edwin

    Today I got an email from a male talent (let's call him T) who said that a photographer called Edwin claimed to be the boss of Perspectives Models and this guy did a shoot with the photographer. This Edwin guy is a fraud as I own and operate Perspectives Models and I'm the only one who takes...
  9. kirk

    Trusting a businessman

    What will you do if a businessman wants to do business with you but does not disclose which company he is from, does not divulge his qualifications, does not carry a business card and refuse to provide additional information about a project? Can you trust him?
  10. kirk

    New Canon Hybrid IS

    "TOKYO, July 22, 2009—Canon Inc. announced today the development of Hybrid Image Stabilizer (IS), the world's first* optical image stabilization technology that compensates for both angle camera shake and shift camera shake. The technology will be featured in interchangeable single lens reflex...
  11. kirk

    Looking for MUA for 1 Aug

    Looking for MUA available on 1 Aug afternoon for a test shoot. Budget not high. Only natural look needed with simply hair styling. PM me your rate and experience if any.
  12. kirk

    Asia Supermodel 2009

    We have 3 Singaporean models, Joreis, Danielle and Gina, in the contest this year, which is held in Nanning, Guangxi, China from 19 to 26 Jul 2009. Sponsored by China Fashion Designer Association and Guangxi TV, the model contest is now currently in its 3rd year. Countries taking part this...
  13. kirk

    Photos used by Citrus

    Just found a website that used my photos without permission. Anyone else got the same issue?
  14. kirk

    Belumni usage of photos

    I was shown this website by a friend. And found one of my photos there, which they had used without asking. Anyone else got such problem? :dunno:
  15. kirk

    It never ends.... photos used by NBW forum

    Its a never ending fight against copyright issues where organisations simply take and use photos that models provided them without asking the photographers for permission. This time it is Singapore Bike Forums, and the person who used one of my photos without permission is none other than the...
  16. kirk

    Standards for shoot organisers?

    Hey guys, Take a look at this http://www.*******.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4086 And the same shoot is being organised here in Singapore's most famous sex forum Is there...
  17. kirk

    Any of your photos on this site?

    Just to highlight to anyone who is interested. Anyone has photos on this talent agency's website? The photos have been marked with their logo. I found one taken by me and another photographer also has one taken by him. The agency didn't seek permisssion to use the photos...
  18. kirk

    Looking for models for hair shoot

    We are looking for hair models for a shoot in the second week of April. Preferably based in Singapore or Malaysia. Hair will be cut and coloured. If interested, please email me at or contact me at +65 98214788. Thanks.
  19. kirk

    That time at night IV - Deli

    Styling by Tuck. Hair and Makeup by Phyllis. Clothes from Perfect in Black.
  20. kirk

    That time at night III - Sue Ann

    Styling by Tuck. Hair and Makeup by Phyllis. Clothes from ATC.