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    Nora the piano playing cat

    For your enjoyment, Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 - Today Show USA
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    Singaporean caught in Australian drug bust

    See: man charged over massive drug bust
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    What motor vehicle do you own?

    Just for fun and curiosity....
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    Hippo's lunch Crocodile

    Genuinely very rare event in the wild and not to be missed. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.
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    An old member says G'day .. yes he is alive.

    I don't know how many users will be here from a few years ago but I thought I'd drop in and say G'day from the ang moh from hell, Ian. For those of you who were wondering where I got to for the past couple of years, well I had some family illnesses to deal with and then a short assignment to...
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    Cost of CLA

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    Astrophotography 1

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    Nikon Digital Products - Consolidated Firmware information

    The Nikon knowledgebase has a page devoted to listing the current firmware versions for all of its digital imaging products. Click here for website Ian Nikon Forum Moderator
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    Congratulations Cactus Jack

    On behalf of the CS team and as the Nikon Forum's longest standing Moderator I'd like to inform every Nikon Forum reader that as of today Cactus Jack has become the Nikon Forum's first official list maintainer. Jacks function is to maintain the Nikon Price Guide, a job I'm sure he will do...
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    Nikon Price Guide (Singapore) 2005~2007

    Welcome to the new Nikon Price Guide for 2005~2006. List maintained by Cactus Jack Unlike most other threads in the Nikon Forum the Price Guide is not a thread that allows any postings except by the List Maintainer and or Nikon Forum Mods or CS Admin as required. This has been done to...
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    Nikon Price Guide (Singapore) Edition 2005

    Welcome to the new Nikon Price Guide for 2005. Please read and follow the guidelines listed below before posting in this area: 1) This thread is only for posting prices paid for Nikon equipment and Nikon F bayonet 3rd party lenses from the likes of Tokina, Tamron and Sigma. 2) Do not...
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    AFL test shots

    A few test shots taken yesterday with one of my new bodies at a local A-grade Australian Rules Football game. It's a shame the light was crud and I didn't have any big glass with me. Remember to follow through It's mine, no it's mine!
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    Bargain Monitor Profiler and Calibrator at B&H

    Normally I'd not post a bargain price but this is just too good to pass up on if you want a cheap but quality monitor calibrator and profiler they have the Eye One Color Display for 64.95 USD plus shipping. Please note that this is NOT the version 2 Eye One. look in the...
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    D2x accessory price info sought

    Hi folks, Can anyone please supply me with some ballpark prices in Singapore for the following items for the D2x. WT-2A wireless unit EN-EL4 battery EH-6 AC adaptor MH-21 quick charger Nikon Capture 4.x MC-35 interface cable. Thanks in Advance, Ian
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    Anyone heading to Perth?

    Is anyone heading down to Perth (WA) in the next few weeks?
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    Holy Thermodynamics Batman!

    It's an oldie but a goodie! Read and Enjoy ;)
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    Nixvue DA lite external bat pack question

    If anyone has the external battery pack for the Nixvue Digital Album or Album Lite and a multimeter or DVM then I'd like some assistance from you regarding the electrical parameters of the ext battery pack. Hope somone can assist. Ian
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    World Demographic Survey of users.

    This is a fun survey but also helps to understand where the CS user base is really located. Please take a few seconds to help out. Ian
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    Lexar CF prices?

    I'm in the mood to spend a bit of loot ... ;) Anyone know the prices in Singapore of the following Lexar CF cards? 512MB 40x 1 Gig 40x Thanks in advance. Ian
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    Ring Lights for Macro work

    Has any one got an first hand experience with either of the following products, in particular with a DSLR. Digi Slave Ultra Led ring light Samigon Halo Light FRL-1 Flourescent ring light. I'm interested to hear from those people who have used them, what are the pro's and con's of the...