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    Caucasian Models wanted for a shoot

    Hi, we are seeking Caucasian Models for a Fashion Shoot for a new fashion label this Friday, 28th from 9am to 1pm +-. If you are interested, please email to Have a great evening. Cheers
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    Wanted: Asians and Caucasians Models

    Hi, looking for models whom can do the following job. Venue Hotel Ballroom Date 19th November 08 , Wednesday Time 1:30pm - 10:00pm *Do note that you got to be in in the morning for product knowledge training. Dress Code Provided Duties Ushering and assist in product launch...
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    Paramour 3: Kai Fashion label @ Gotham Penthouse

    13th NOV PARAMOUR 3 : EXAMS OVER@GOTHAM PENTHOUSE 9Pm till late LESSONS ON TONIGHT CHECK OUT YOUR NEW CLASSMATE The Discipline Master has NEW RULES!! come dressed in SEXYBACKKK and get PRIORITY ENTRY LISTEN UP SEXYBACK!! REVIVE your soul,enjoy your FREEDOM feel alive Get hell...
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    Female English / Caucasian Models Needed

    Hi, we are looking for 6 Female English / Caucasian Models for a corporate event as Product Display Models. Time will be from 1pm to 10pm on the 19th November 2008. Please send in your details and interest to With love, Yanling
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    Newcastle v West Brom

    Newcastle v West Brom 1-1-2 v 1-1-2 Life has not been fantastic for Newcastle ever since I watch them when Shearer was still in reign for the team. After in which things started to fall out due to managerial issues. Now at bottom 2 of the table with only 6 points on hand, it turns to be a...
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    Pan Asian needed for Print Ads

    Hi, we are looking for Pan Asians / Causasian Models for a contact lens print-ad. It will consist of a 1 day shoot and the Print Ad will run for 3 years. If you are keen, please email to with your modeling details and photos. TY:)
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    Thai Discos

    Hey guys, anyone is a fan or regular of Thai Discos? For one, I used to frequent TD2 and then jump / hop to Naughty Girl follow by Club 99 then Cherry Thai, Narcissus and of course the best club now is Live Impact. Not to mention other places to explore will be Nana, Resort, Royal and many...