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    What do you think about being a Budget photographer?

    Pay peanuts, get a monkey, pay properly get a photographer. Lowballers like this should be avoided at all costs by everyone. Any person who takes on a job like this is a jackass, not a photographer, they aren't fit to the lick the boots of a happy-snapper let alone a serious photographer or a...
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    Gear for the aspiring pros

    I normally don't shoot events per se, but my regular day bag is a Lowepro magnum that's ancient and no longer in production. It holds 2 D series pro Nikon bodies, an 80-200 or 70-200/2.8 as the case may be, 17~35/2.8, 28-70/2.8, 10.5/2.8 lenses plus a 12-24/2.8 or f4 as required, also a 50/1.4...
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    Gear for the aspiring pros

    A bit of sage advice from an old pro.... It's not what you have that counts but how well you use it. In otherwords, know your gear inside out and know what it's limitations are and also be highly creative. Any competent pro can produce good images out of the camera that require little to no...
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    How much to charge for this project?

    How long is a piece of string? Price could be anything from a few hundred to tens of thousands depending on what exactly the client wants, do they want a simple catalog type shot or a series showing the internal construction and then the mattress? Do they want advanced lighting techniques that...
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    gig photography

    I'd be willing to bet that the events company who want the freebies are going to refer you to other companies who will want at least one or more freebie shoots to see how good you are. It's a dead end street and one that has been flogged to death over the years around the world. This sort of...
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    Film scanning services

    Hi Hart, Then he should have posted it in the amateur areas rather than the photo biz / pro area. Ok I'm being pedantic here.. The reality is that even for amateur scans he's going to have to develop a really competent working knowledge of scanning and such things as colour management and...
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    Film scanning services

    Not to pour cold water on the OP's idea but you are going to need more than just a scanner and web/graphic designer occupation to impress around here. What about colour fidelity? What will you be using to ensure accurate colour in your scans, what spectrophotometer and software solutions will be...
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    Would you work for $1 Photos?

    You have to wonder what sort of excuse for a human being would be that tight ar$ed. $1 a photo has to be a joke right? Surely not even the GWC's that infest SG would stoop that low... surely not? 50 shots at $50 each and I'd consider the job for a vacant morning, but no less.
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    Who is the mysterious woman?

    If you're very lucky you too can have reserved accommodation at Haengyong or Kaechon or Buckchang, you'll be dying to go home in no time.
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    Former MOE Scholar Jailed 5 Years For Commiting Sex With A Miinor

    I suspect he's going to learn all about being a biatch in prison. It would be fair to say he will be used as a woman by some large nasty prisoner(s) and he is about to find out just how much the prison populations hate rapists. Given the fact that he was convicted in the UK of child porn...
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    Who just bought a camera and wannabe professional photographer?

    I disagree, bad photography is bad photography. I feel sorry for the guy as he is a fish out of water, but the shots should have hit the bit bucket and never been printed. Getty are far from my favourite agency due to some of the stunts they've tried to pull over the years with such things as...
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    Why you shouldn't steal others' works

    No sympathy from me, theft is theft, pure and simple, she committed a commercial crime and should be made to pay. Pulling the "I am a Christian" routine doesn't wash with me, if anything she should have stopped before she did it if she adhered to Christian teachings as what she did is in direct...
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    Who just bought a camera and wannabe professional photographer?

    The art editor should have been shot on sight for hiring a photographer who is going to be working in unfamiliar territory. Those shots aren't bad, they are woeful. As for Getty, bunch of good for nothing (unprintables) they are.
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    Nuclear Energy

    It's not the kaboom that's the problem, it's the safe disposal of the waste. The much vaunted US disposal site suffers serious ground water leakage and some of the isotopes generated in fission have a half life in the millions of years. With present technology nuclear energy simply isn't safe...
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    What did you eat for lunch? (Review / Revile your lunch )

    Well someone's gotta be lunch and you're it... am fed up with a diet of GWC's
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    What did you eat for lunch? (Review / Revile your lunch )

    Hmm chainsaw or axe that is the question ... boiled, baked or bbq'd ;p
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    What did you eat for lunch? (Review / Revile your lunch )

    Looks at kei's legs .. a pinch of salt, some chilli, soy sauce, a bit of oyster sauce and a large very hot wok, some ginger ... Ang Moh from hell food....
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    What did you eat for lunch? (Review / Revile your lunch )

    Lunch? Oh BBQ'd GWC followed by an Uncle Bob sandwich and entrails of newbie and for desert 3 Iphoney users. Usual Ang Moh food.
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    Have I reached the limit of sharpness

    A tripod will help no end, so will stopping down the lens 1-2 stops as that will increase the depth of field that is in focus. You can also play around with USM in Photoshop as it is capable of some very good results. Getting closer to your subject will also help.