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    Looking for models (freelance or new) - male and female

    Hi all, I'm looking for 1 male model and 1 female model for an apparel shoot. Requirements: - No prior experience in shoots needed. As long as you are comfortable and naturally in front of the mirror and camera. - Ladies will need to do their own make up, light make up is sufficient...
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    WTBuy: Filter - Hoya HD 72mm

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Filter Equipment Brand: Hoya Equipment Model: HD 72mm Budget (S$): Quote Description: Looking for new or good condition hoya HD 72mm. Please quote. Real Name: UK Warranty Status: to be advised Additional Comments: SMS me at...
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    WTSell: Compact - Fuji F50FD

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Compact Equipment Brand: Fuji Equipment Model: F50FD Price (S$): 220 Description: Posting on behalf of friend: Black colour model Warranty with receipt till Nov 09 4GB SD Card included. Please contact Benny at 98231532 to for...
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    Anywhere to donate old bags?

    I have quite a few old school/laptop bags, still functional and not broken/torn. They just look old, been in storage after I left school a "few years" ago. Is there any organisation that takes in old bags for distribution to those who needs it? I feel throwing them away or selling to the...
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    super charge your Canon!

    for point and shoots only.. :bsmilie: *sorry* basically it's a custom firmware or more like 'script' that runs instead of the normal firmware, it's supposedly non-permanent and removable. I've not tried it...
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    17-55/2.8 IS aperture problem giving Err 99

    After clicking the shutter button, the camera body gives error 99 and the viewfinder will be very dim, on checking the aperture is shut down to a tiny hole, something like f/16 or 22, even though my setting was f/2.8 or 4. Happened many times, in different scenarios like outdoor and indoor...
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    Nat Geo: Grisly Whaling Video Released

    It's well known that Japs eat whale and dolphin meat and they hunt them openly, yet ships that were 'caught' whaling say they were merely doing "scientific research". Do these "fishermen" really take us for 3 year...
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    Fastest and 'free' scratchdisk for photoshop

    Those who are using Photoshop (PS) will know that they need to allocate a certain amount of harddisk space for the scratch disk. Photoshop will recommend you put the scratch disk on a different and faster disk drive available and so on for better performance. A free software is available...
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    How to strip orientation from EXIF

    I have some programs that auto rotate an already rotated picture. These programs sense the rotation value of the EXIF and displays them in the wrong orientation. Eg: Windows explorer shows a correct portrait pic but picasa shows it as a wrong landscape pic.
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    What is this called and where to buy?

    Anyone in the construction or DIY biz? my only lead by the shop was that it is used for glass doors. I found one but has a tail at the base (covered by red line) which i do not want. Anyone any input?
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    Solar power cheaper than coal!

    Finally a breakthrough in solar energy production. Production in 2008! Couldn't be sooner!
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    Attn: Ortega

    :cheergal: :cheergal: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:cheergal: :cheergal: eh why so many non-Ortega come in?
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    young soul trapped in an old shell...

    "Do you ever get the feeling that you were meant to do something extraordinary?" C&C and thoughts invoked welcome.
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    Genius 450 Tablet

    I saw selling at $50s-60 region.. it's a 4x5.5" tablet. Anyone using it has any feedback on it? What puts the genius from the wacom with such a big price difference? :dunno:
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    Energy from salt water

    The future is saved!! It is now possible to convert salt water into heat (fire) by passing it thru a RF wave. It seems that the output energy is more than the input!! The start of perpetual energy? aGg0ATfoBgo
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    AOH - Young Defender

    Looks like he's got the right stuff. :D
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    Flooding at Commonwealth Ave West. Traffic Impassable

    As above title. I just came out of the flood. Direction towards Queenstown flooded to half door to windscreen height. Saw a Mercs submerged there.. I suspect there's a hole in the ground as the boot is up and the bonnet down. Direction towards Clementi about bumper height. Cars with CAI...
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    EOS stands for..

    evolution of sight? :dunno: i saw it here ;p time to change the forum name?
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    Page doesn't load after posting quick reply

    I'm running XP home on Firefox When I click on quick reply.. then click post, the page will go blank and my FF will be showing the 'loading' at the bottom status bar as well as the circle turning. It will stay there for the whole day unless I click 'back' and reload again. Happens...
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    Where is Queen's Garden in Johor

    I'm supposed to find this place "Huang Hou Hua Yuan" (皇后花园) in Johor was told it's in(near) Skudai. Anyone know the proper name for it? Or better still got the driving instructions to reach there? ;p Thanks a million!