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    Konica-Minolta sold to SONY!--big news!!!

    Hah, minolta is set to die the 1st day they combine with konica...well, now the technicians can all die together with konica..."heard" they won't be joining sony...too sad...konica is always full of surprises...
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    KMOS Gathering - October 6th, 2005

    Yah kong seng ok...on the 21th oct i'm off but hor gotta go for a lomantic dinner to celebrate sometink leh..ahahaha!!
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    Alan photo!!!

    Ahahah...tourist bengs...this gets me rolling on the floor...thanks robert
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    KMOS Gathering - October 6th, 2005

    yea...hehehe...that time we both like siao lah...thinking back still bring a laugh for me...lucky we did not do that ah... wa mah si ai tio bey pio, toto. wu tio du hoh liao... zit pah ban eh sai liao. KM lenses wa eh sai long zong buey ka liao = I also want to strike 4D, toto. Got strike...
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    KMOS Gathering - October 6th, 2005

    wah lan eh...zit pah ban like those that people burn issit???ahahahah...forbytes, who want mass order? contax digital si boh???hahaha...rem that time we both want to buy contax film camera? hahah, we have a great laugh ya...:bsmilie:
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    KMOS Gathering - October 6th, 2005

    Tee kong ah...poh pee hor wa tio bay pio ka see tio toto ah...wa eh buay EOS 5D with all the stuffs don write earlier...ahaha...lmfao... The 5D got a function that allows you to shoot and view at the same time if i rem correctly...5D training is for those people who don't handle SLR before i...
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    KMOS Gathering - October 6th, 2005

    yoohoo, i'm still a proud owner of a Minolta X-700 Programm manual single lens reflex camera and MC Rokkor PF 50mm f1.7 lens leh...mai ah ni kuan kek sim one you sell all my stuffs liao also feel sad loh... Don really must strike toto or 4D sia...look at da list of dream...
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    KMOS Gathering - October 6th, 2005

    hmm, i still own a minolta cam...well, let me need 20D, tokina 12-24 f4 or tamron 11-18 f4.5-5.6 or canon EF-S 10-22 f3.5-4.5 and canon 50 1.8 and canon 70-200 f4 L...complete?
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    cant decide between these 3 tripods

    yo, my 190 tripod and velbon ball have been with me for 10 yrs...wat say you?
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    Are you a di ko pek?

    Save your some pussy...:bsmilie:
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    [Lets up the Ante] You are on the MRT sitting down and u saw....

    singapore is not big a country east to west...i don't mind standing if someone really needs the seat...
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    How to mount a 3600HS on Flash Bracket?

    This item use to be a regular item that the showroom in funan sell need the words "used to sell in the showroom"...
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    Canon Stuff

    hey, i remember, we talk in the KM showroom in funan before. but now i intend to buy canon products and i have sold away all my minolta cameras and lens. so it's bye bye to minolta.
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    Canon Stuff

    hey, i think i got mix up, it's another guy ya...sorry for mix up. hmm, i might have spoken to TMC before. You use km prosumer digicam before right TMC?
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    Canon Stuff

    hey tmc, change to canon system lah...since minolta items damn hard to with a senior from minolta user group already...he also express dismal with minolta...hahahah...
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    Petition to KMSC

    Hiya mate, you talk to me in the showroom bout the 100-400 apo lens remember? Yea, i remember the good old days when we talk pictures and camera technology. Haha, nice to know then that there is still minolta users like you. Yea, i remember another forumer call alvin, his 1st avatar is a model...
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    y Dun KM have 17-55 f2.8?

    Do I count in as a hero?wahahahaahh...j/k only lah...For me when I use my dynax film system, I use only 24-50f4 and 70-210f4...these 2 lens is enough for me...sometimes I will lug my fisheye lens along...If you want hyper zoom lens for easy usage...quality will be compromise ya..etc like tamron...
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    Petition to KMSC

    hey there Foshan wu ying jiao???wahahahah
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    Petition to KMSC

    Sell you 9D and let you order the body cover if you lost it is ok?lol, j/k lah...
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    Macro Shots with 5D

    Hi, use to do macro. I use dynax 7 with 5400HS flash. I have a bracket to mount my camera and flash cause when we mount the flash on top of our hotshoe the coverage is no good when we get close to the subject...I also use a offshoe cable to connect the flash to my lighting will be...