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    Competitive advantage(s) or “nice to have”

    With the competitive landscape in photography services, photographers are finding it hard to differentiate their services, prices, etc. 1) Are you responsible to archive (keep) the images? 2) How long (time)? 3) Would you provide a “space” online for “Archiving and Retrieval” of the images...
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    A place to meet for photography and related interests.

    CS is a great forum for photography, it would be greater if we can meet in person rather than virtually. Met lots of kind souls from CS. They are humble, courteous, just simply nice folks. Say, the first Sat or Sun of the month at a convenient location between 3PM to 6PM, etc,. To: 1)...
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    Must have or Nice to have? Part 2

    Based on the last poll and feedbacks that did not have certain attributes. I'm creating this poll with less measurable and intangibles. Again, pls pick 3. Don't pick all like a wishlist. 1) EQ (people skill) 2) Health 3) Monies 4) Passion 5) Drive (energy) 6) Driving license 7) Luck...
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    Must have or nice to have?

    I have not created a poll for quite a while. Thought this poll would highlight some misconceptions about how easy it is to start a photography business with a DSLR or pure passion. To start a photography business is easy, to be successful is more than tough. Must have or nice to have? To be...
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    It’s a totally different ball game to shoot for fund.

    How much to charge? Where? How? When? What? If you have to ask these in a biz forum, at least do a bit of homework. Many seasoned players are very generous with their contributions, less been accused of discouraging new competitors into a crowd market. Imagine, advising competitors...
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    ROM on 5th Dec

    I have a client looking for a wedding photographer for ROM on 5th Dec. Pls send budget price and portfolio to
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    Photographer needed

    I have a client looking for a photographer to shoot product and settings shots. "Punk, hip and cool feel", reference of feel and art direction and would like to achieve: 3 models and studio have been arranged, need edited images. Budget around $1K. Pls send portfolio...
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    test picture

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    How long to deliver?

    The consumer is expecting faster delivery now, and you, the pro is having lots of work. :sweat: For wedding professional photographers, how long do you deliver your final deliverables? Softcopies or 4R are much faster, some within a week or two. Not an issue. This poll is for final delivery...
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    Who's first?

    Is there a protocol on naming for wedding couples? Groom first or Bride first? Signages, albums, invite cards, etc. Religion, ethic, cultural or any known reasons..... Pls elaborate.
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    Calling all Wedding Professionals to join WPAS membership.

    Are you a wedding professional competing in an unregulated market, alone? The one and only reason that you should join WPAS as a member is that you derive an income from the wedding market. As a player in the market, you want to be part of a system or standard that can be understood, recognised...
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    RE: Where is Mosque Street Hakka Yong Tau Foo now?

    The famous Onn Kee Hakka Yong Tau Foo is no longer at Mosque Street, any foodie knows of their new location?
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    Need AD Photographer on 19 September 2009

    Budget $800 plus, ka-po for a walk-in client, pls send offer to his personal email:, do not PM me Do include your link/works for reference, if any. Thank you.
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    Malay and Mandarin Chapter

    The Wedding Photographer Association of Singapore’s (WPAS) first AGM is coming up by end of March, we may need to pass a few new resolutions. It was brought up on a few occasions on the need to create a Mandarin and a Malay Chapter. We would like to gauge the interests from the various...
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    Would you be interested in a “warranty” for your wedding client/prospect?

    Calling all Wedding Photographers, regardless of whether you are a high-end or low-end wedding photographer, your client/prospect would have concern on their 50% deposits. Would you turn up on AD? etc. This is a feasibility study on the interests, if any and concern, feedbacks appreciated...
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    How many images should be given for a wedding client?

    I’ve noticed on CS that the last few grievances on Wedding Photographers were on quality. Why give the client everything or unedited images? Complains are always on the bad ones. In an unregulated market and business like wedding photography, there’s no “market practice&#8221...
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    Photo Enhancement?

    Any software out there that can enhance an image at a click of a mouse? Contrast, sharpness, skin-tone, etc.
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    Portrait, Landscape or Square?

    A book is a book, but what makes a book stands out? Is it the shape or orientations?:think: I’ve noticed that trade professionals have certain preference, difference and a need to be unique. If you are producing a Photo book (high quality offset printing) for your images and prices is not the...
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    What is photography?

    What is photography? To most, photography is a hobby. To some, it is an art. I would like to think that photography is about passion, it is love and the images are memories captured forever. Memories are not meant to be stored in your computer only; it is a joy to share. If it sounded...
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    Glossy Art Paper or Matt?

    If you are producing a Photo book (high quality offset printing) for your images, do you prefer Glossy Art Paper or Matt Art Paper?