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  1. hosm

    WTSell: Lens - Olympus M Zuiko 45mm f1.8 ( Black )

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Olympus Equipment Model: M Zuiko 45mm f1.8 ( Black ) Price (S$): S$ 300 Description: Brand new, collected as gift from Olympus Singapore. Real Name: Ho Contact Number: 9106-1922 Condition of Item: Mint...
  2. hosm

    WTSell: Others - Sigma USB Dock UD-01 EO ( Canon mount )

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: Sigma Equipment Model: USB Dock UD-01 EO ( Canon mount ) Price (S$): $60 Description: If you have a Nikon mount, and would like a one to one exchange is welcome. Real Name: Ho Contact Number: 9106 1922...
  3. hosm

    Raptor at west side Singapore ( Id help )

    Spotted this raptor near IBP. Appreciate if someone can help me to id it. ID me by siewmunho, on Flickr thanks
  4. hosm

    A Kingfisher prep its food before consumption.

    A screen grab from the video ( below ) ouch by siewmunho, on Flickr a short vid clip of how the Kingfisher bash the fish before swallowing it down, in slow motion....please click on image below for the video clip. The King Fisher catch by siewmunho, on Flickr
  5. hosm

    WTSell: Lens - Olympus Zuiko ED 70-300mm f/4-5.6 (four third)

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Olympus Equipment Model: Zuiko ED 70-300mm f/4-5.6 (four third) Price (S$): 350 Description: selling a "as good as new" Olympus four third Zuiko ED 70-300mm f/4-5.6. this is a four third lens and you will need...
  6. hosm

    is it a Von Schrenck's bittern?

    Took this shot at sungei buloh early this year in January. it was quite dark in the shade, except for the reflection of the light from the water. any sifu here can confirm if it a Von Schrenck's bittern? This is the closest id that I've made from my search. Thanks, once again
  7. hosm

    A juvenile brahminy kites?

    Was out in the wetland yesterday morning, shot one of the 3 flying in the air. Is that a juvenile brahminy kites? Thanks
  8. hosm

    WTBuy: Accessory - Olympus Olympus EC20

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Accessory Equipment Brand: Olympus Equipment Model: Olympus EC20 Budget (S$): Please quote Description: Looking for a Olympus EC20 ( four third 2x teleconverter ) must be in good working condition and clean optics. Will also...
  9. hosm

    A walk in the Garden ( ID help )

    Spotted this fella in the shaded trees. Searched but unable to ID this bird. Appreciate fellow bro for help. thanks
  10. hosm

    Metering mode in E-M1/5

    Just realise that when I moved the focus box out of the center, the exposure metering point still remain in the center ( does not follows the focus box ) Is there a way to make the exposure metering point follows the focus box? ( especially in spot mode ) thanks
  11. hosm

    Morning shot

    Shot this big fellew this morning. Is this a sea eagle?
  12. hosm

    Looking for simple Copy Stand

    Looking for a small, simple copy stand. Can someone point me to any shops that sell these? Prefer less than $200 Thanks
  13. hosm

    Grey or preowned?

    Looking around for a DSLR to replace my broken Fuji cam. Been looking around the preowned department in here and was suprise to find that some of the asking price is almost the same as a brand new ones and occasionally there is a realistic asking price from one or two. Then there is the...
  14. hosm

    Recondition of lens

    Currently I have some Nikkor F mount lens , 16mm, 28mm, 55mm and a 105mm. All of them have various stages of fungus...... I was wondering does any one knows if the lens can be cleaned or restored to their near orignal condition? Is it possible to clean off the multicoat and recoat them...
  15. hosm

    X's Drive Pro

    While browsing through Vosonic site. pop comes out a small windows with the New X's Drive pro. Only new feature is a MP3 player incoporated. Cannot seems to find any oyher news on this. Anyone have any more info.....eastgear? thanks
  16. hosm

    asscessories for S5000

    As I am planing a holiday in Mid Oct and I will be brining my new S5000 with me. I need some advice and directions from fellow user here. 1) Nixvue DA lite Does anyone user have the combination of XD + CF adapter + Nixvue DA Lite? Any problems or compatibility problem. 2) XD / CF...