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    Black stripes on DVX 102.

    Is time to upgrade to solid state format :D
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    Sony NX5 and AX2000

    What is the price of the NX5 now? who selling? just export set will do. Current using the old Z1 HDV. Any idea? Need it for Nov 2010 some fast project editing on site. Hate of capturing the tape again...hahaha:D Thanx
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    have you applied for wedding video music copyright license?

    Any news for applying copyright music for wedding? Any 1 use copyright music for highlights? where can I buy wedding vocal music song on web? Thank You :)
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    Wedding Video Music Copyright Announcement

    May be the following site can give you the answer:sweat:
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    13 Mar 2010 need : TFCD/DVD Videographer for Actual Day Wedding (No stress, good exp)

    Reading all the posts I only knew Tight budget, No budget and end up FOC...:( Videographer is a stress work for SG Wedding is ASIA. :o
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    Sony HVR V1P and Sony FX 1000

    Don't get V1P or FX 1000, try look for FX1 or Z1. If have $$$ get HVR-Z5P :thumbsup:
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    capturing video into mac

    SPECIFICATION Technologies 3 1/6 CCD, 10x optical zoom Still Resolution 3.1 Megapixels Weight 550g (body only) Price S$1,999 Format Mini-DV, 3 1/6-inch CCDs Effective Pixels Moving pictures: 630K x 3, Still picture:710K x 3, Total 800K x 3 Lens Auto ins, F1.6, f=2.85-28.5mm, Macro...
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    Capture Date and Time Stamp from HD Video

    Can you post the mode No or name which cam you are using? Hard disk recording to me I have not used before, still record in tape. Not very sure about your cam those files format AVCHD if Im not wrong. Why not check the menu look at output display or date and time display when...
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    Recommend me a budget video camcoder

    SONY in high price on SD/HD recording. Other name may fit your Budget :sweat:
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    Any good entry level HD camcorders?

    If you think 1/6" is tiny than get 3CCD cmos cam 1/4" or 1/3" :thumbsup: Pana most user low price SONY if you like the name and logo :bsmilie:
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    Capture Date and Time Stamp from HD Video

    Are you want the date or do not want the date? Those Bundle software is no good for used. Limited some function :dunno:
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    canopus videofx on premiere?

    Go to canopus folder or Video FX check the videofx.sfx file if Im not wrong. Copy and plaste to Permiere plug-in/filter :sweat: Just to take note when using Wide Screen transition some FXi may have error rendering!!!
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    Any Panasonic HMC-150/151e user?

    AVCHD still not good to edit. I have try Premiere cs4 :nono:
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    Videographer needed!

    Take it is to share not a place for :nono: Got money why not earn a bit market are so bad :sweat:
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    Where do I buy semi pro stuffs

    Go to Expandore if you what your equipment to be safe and used in good condition.
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    Sony HVR-V1P or HVR-Z1P

    You should look forward a bit to video in 16:9 format. Is great and more details on Wide screen LCD OR TV whom is most family are buying now. 170 still fall on 4:3 format.
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    Any Recommendation for Good FCP 6 and Motion Templates/Effects Plugins?

    Here are some of the links in the past I direct DL :D There are many out of this 2, just google it :thumbsup:
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    HD Camcoder Survey

    Well, only 27kb need not used all those file hosting website :sweat: sometime it will say change your IP and for some 1 to help you, easy way is forward the 27kb size who reply with there are email or PM. Much faster right!! Clicking and looking for links and download the file and send you back...
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    how to mask heart shape video into my own videoclip in premiere?

    The transparency is a video opacity not mask. Masking can be done in PSD file import to Premiere adding on to video time line 2. Or what we call alpha channel. ;)
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    What software can achieve this result?

    After Effects is a basic start of 2D program. I learn the very hard way, still hundreds of clicks away to know more. If you need to start off making own effects...try this web link...I start out from there. :thumbsup: ;)