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    WTBuy: Other - Canon Canon IS Binoculars 10 x 42 L IS WP

    Classifieds Type: WTBuy Equipment Type: Other Brand: Canon Short Description: Canon IS Binoculars 10 x 42 L IS WP Price (S$): Please quote Condition of Item(s): 10 Detailed Description: I want to buy a used Canon IS Binoculars 10 x 42 L IS WP Name: Hou Leong Phone...
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    D700 fEE error

    All right. Glad to hear that that you got it solved. To prevent it from happening again, on the aperture ring there is a tab which slides over to lock the aperture ring at the smallest aperture.
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    D700 fEE error

    If you are using AF-D lens, make sure to set the aperture ring to the smallest aperture. This is will solve the fEE error.
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    Lens Cleaning

    Hi Vizz, please do not clean camera lenses with a lens pen. You will definitely scratch the delicate coating very easily. 1) Get a rubber blower (get a proper sized blower) to blow away all the dust & loose dirt that is sticking to the lens element. If it looks clean enough let it be. 2) If...
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    Very Angry: Wow your camera is so good

    Well ElCarnicero a seasoned photographer will never say that in a jest, most of the time I hear it coming from very ill informed people. Also, have you ever heard this before, "Ah your picture must be have been photoshopped one"? :rolleyes: Daredevil123, you sure have witty answer to the...
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    Advice on Lens: Indoor Low Light Sports

    Hello AMediaLuz, for low light action / sports photography the better lenses will be 1) 70-200 f/2.8 VRI / VRII The difference between the two is that VRI has more vignetting when used with FX cameras compared to VRII. VRII has more lens breathing when compared to other lenses, at minimum...
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    Need help to ID bird

    Thank you Anaconda.
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    Need help to ID bird

    ;), thank you cichlid.
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    Need help to ID bird

    Hi CS members, anyone know the ID of this bird. I have looked through the books that I have but I can't make a positive ID. I managed to get 2 shots before it flew off. Location, Admirality Park mangrove swamp. Thank you. _D3A3537.jpg by Hou Leong Chan, on Flickr _D3A3530.jpg by Hou Leong...
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    58mm 1.4?..

    The 58/1.4G lens is lens that you'll grow on to you as you use it. It is definitely not a sharp lens wide open but it is sharper that the 50/1.4G lens when used at f/1.4. It has some minor soft veiling when used at 1.4 but gets sharper & better contrast when stopped to f/2. Wonderful soft...
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    Not the usual garden birds

    Thank you for sharing Albert. Beautiful closeup photo of the penguin.
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    D4s focus point selection problem - please help!

    With a lens mounted on the camera, press the AF mode button located near the lens release then please check that you are in 1) AFS mode with a) Single point AF b) Group area AF Alternatively 2) AFC mode with a) Single point AF b) Group area AF 3) Check that the "Focus selector lock"...
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    Cleaning Solution for my Olympus 7 to 14mm lens,.

    Hello TS. It is very easy to clean a lens element. 1) Get a rubber blower (get a proper sized blower) to blow away all the dust & loose dirt that is sticking to the lens element. If it looks clean enough let it be. 2) If the lens is still dirty & needs a wet clean proceed below with...
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    Which Nikon DSLR should I get for portrait shoots?

    Hello serenasimps, welcome to Clubsnap. :) Actually any Nikon camera can take very nice portrait pictures. Since you didn't mention about your level of photography knowledge ( other than being a newbie) & the lens collection that you have, for typical portrait shots, a fast aperture, 35, 50mm...
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    Which camera I should get..

    The Canon 80D & Nikon D7200 will serve you well for a beginner. These two bodies have the necessary continuous shooting speed, buffer depth & better AF for bird photography. Also the sensor of both cameras have the ISO noise performance that will allow you to shoot at higher ISO values when...
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    Crazy Day For Nikonzen

    Hi Jeff. I guess you were very lucky as you didn't walk in when the robbery was in progress. I am glad you were not harmed. Well according to the news, the perpetrator shot himself in the head rather than face jail time. Here is the link to the incident "Sapulpa Robbery Suspect Kills Himself...
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    Common Birds Around Singapore

    Excellent shot Vincent. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    We love our manual focus Nikkor lenses!

    Nice shot Antares.
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    Loose lens mount

    New camera body will always have a snug fit. Well used ones will always feel loose as the mount wears down. What you should watch out is a loose mount. The screws holding the mount to the camera body can become loose with constant use. Check the cross head screws are tightened down.
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    Guide to Buying Second-Hand Digital Camera

    > Check the battery compartment for corrosion. > Check the CF / SD slot for smooth card insertion & removal. Also check for issues with formatting / reading memory cards on each slots. > Check the reflex chamber for dust, some minor dust is always normal, excessive dust meant the camera has...