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  1. wattky

    How to change battery for Phottix Nikos TC-501?

    Hi everyone, I have a Phottix TC-501 wired remote whose battery is about to die off. I have been trying to open the battery compartment but it is not moving at all. Does anyone know how to open it? I try to slide the small piece of plastic on the back, following the direction of the arrow but...
  2. wattky

    Developing film into negatives only?

    Hi all, my wife just got me a Diana Mini so I'm very new to film photography. I've been Googleling but can't seems to find the ans. I would like to find out if it is possible to request the photo labs to just develop the film into negatives without the prints/photograph? Reason being that I have...
  3. wattky

    Anyway to verify if dust on sensor has been cleared on the spot?

    Hi friends, if I send my camera for sensor cleaning at CSC, is there anyway or method to verify or check that the dusts have been cleared on the spot at CSC?
  4. wattky

    What are the things to look out for when buying 2nd hand lens?

    Hi everyone, as a newbie to DSLR, I would like to find out fr the senior bros/sis here abt the below qns :) What are the things to look out for or tests that you will do with the lens when you meet up with the seller? How would u go about verifying that the lens being sold to you is in the...
  5. wattky

    Griffon VS Zero

    1) 2) 3) Couldn't resist the temptation after seeing Griffon in one of the threads here :bsmilie: So I bought it, along with Zero and the other 2 AV-98. :sweat:
  6. wattky

    FZ-10 battery stuck? Anyone?

    Hmm...have any FZ-10 user encounter battery being stuck inside the camera due to the battery being bloated? And if yes, is there anyway to get it out besides going down to the service centre?
  7. wattky

    How to shoot Lion Dance at night with FZ-10?

    Hi folks, Does anyone here know what setting to use for shooting Lion Dance esp during the night with strong lighting from the overhead lamps? And any tips or know-how on shooting Lion Dance events eg, What angle is nice? Ground level or try to go higher ground and shoot? 1st time trying...
  8. wattky

    Lonesome road

    I took this photo while I was travelling alone in Hokkaido. Wanted to create a feeling of loneliness that is not without freedom. Does it work?
  9. wattky

    Full moon over river nile