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    I'll never look at prints the same way again...

    Had heard about Lightjet & Lambda printing every now and then but as high-quality large prints don't really come cheap, its pretty out of luck for me. Had a little stroke of luck and managed to get a lab that does large lambda prints for a reasonably good price, so I went ahead with it...
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    How do you pronounce your hobby?

    This is not a strict grammar course but just wondering how u guys pronounce your favourite hobby.... :think:
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    Damn it, this is just great.

    Owners of the Ancient S3Pro, just kinda wondering if any of you faced this problem before? Its kinda weird actually, there's apparently nothing wrong with the CF card or what but it seems that whenever I turn my camera off or let it go on standby, the next moment when I turn it on to shoot...
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    A Good News for SMRT-Citibank Cardholders

    Couldn't see much info except a line that says, "I believe Citibank will have it replaced soon." So I juz took the plunge and I wasn't expecting anything out of the usual 'copy & paste answers'. The info and confirmation on whether our SMRT-Citibank EZ-Link Cards will be replaced is here...
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    Just for laughs~

    Ok guys, no offence. I'm half a Nikon user as well since I own a Fuji DSLR. But still, walking past this shop over X'mas, I couldn't help but take a quick snap. :bsmilie:
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    Now that the 5DMkII is out....

    I'm juz waiting to see how badly prices of EOS 5D will fall~ :D CANON!!! I'M BACK!!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Steve Jobs made someone miss his flight....

    Thanks to this thing called MacBook Air with a SSD...
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    Take a break and take an exam...

    Power Steering not included :bsmilie:
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    [Official Interest Check] Shooting (literally) yet again

    Well, the last round of shooting was held just this month. 4 chaps from CS eventually turned up and unfortunately, due to some stuff I have to attend to at home, I couldn't join all of them trigger happying at Bukit Timah range and Choa Chu Kang range. I think seankyh and Murcielago really had...
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    Something to chill the mind for a Monday

    If anything, this website definitely deserves a WTF Device for the day! :bsmilie: Mass Order anyone? :think:
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    A little something to amuse urself at lunchtime;sa=play;game=79 Somehow I can't get past the Bonus stage 10,000HP ones. Damnation. :angry:
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    6 usn ou so o sp 063 ouo n snp op sld

    ): ˙˙˙˙˙ɹoʇıuoɯ ɹn ɥʇıʍ ƃuoɹʍ ƃuıɥʇǝɯos ǝq oʇ sɯǝǝs ǝɹǝɥʇ
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    A classic song....

    If songs are a reflection of life, I wonder how many would be able to sing and carry this song to their graves.... Decided to post it here since I feel the older crowd here would know the title at the first glance of the lyrics.
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    [OFFICIAL] Weapons Shooting Outing

    Ok guys, I need all ur confirmation ASAP. Apologies I couldn't get the thread up soonest as I had a bad aching back over the weekends. So, here it is! Information: Scheduled Date from SSA: 22 July 2007 (Sunday) Venue: National Shooting Centre...
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    Test ur finger reaction! Lets see how fast is ur index finger. The moment the gun goes off, u'll have a split second reaction to hit the left mouse button before the bullet hits u. If bullet hits u, game over. :D 10fps trigger finger wun help u BTW. Press before the gun goes bang...
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    Interest Check: For Weapons Shoot (literally)

    It seems that there are many ppl interesteed in firearms but we apparently dun have a chance to touch it unless we join a Gun Club (which would be pretty expensive since the total cost of it would run up to apprx the cost of a D200). Chanced upon this and wondering if anyone is interested...
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    Custom skins for iPod!

    I was looking around for a good & reliable online dealer that would do custom skins for iPods when I chanced upon this: It looked interesting enuff until I checked it out and realised that its a Singapore based retailer! For those who wanna do custom skin for...
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    Japanese Drama lovers, report in!

    Wondering how many of u here watch Japanese dramas (no, not soapy Korean Dramas). Yesterday gotten hold of a new drama called "Shinigami no Ballad" (Ballad of the Death God). Adaptation from anime. Other than the leading female (who seriously look like a cosplayer with her get up and all)...
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    Canon DMH at Bugis

    I tried searching information on DMH but somehow it din come out, the only result I've got was that the new DMH is at Harbourfront. Juz wondering if DMH is still doing Large Format printing service like in the past when they used to be at Bugis? :dunno:
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    Photography reminded me of a story...

    Probably I will earn the ire of most people around with this story. But still, I feel that it might serve as an inspiration to all, esp those inflicted with a dangerous virus known commonly as BBB. =================================================================== A renowned writer was...