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    It is not amazing

    Photo creidt: Huffington Post To the west, it is like some new fangled fountain of youth. Have heard the usual rumors of Asia's super rich and powerful politicians going for total blood replacement, for the longest time. If it does not work perfectly, they may end up like a living zombie...
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    FYI only in case you bought this

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    Rumored full frame

    When I asked a friend last weekend whether he was keen to buy the X-Pro1, he said No, he was waiting for the new full frame model. Internet says rumor. But it seems logical progress for Fuji. After all, Sony did with A7 & A7R for so long already. And before that, Leica did it with M9 although...
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    New Leica T mount for new Leica T camera

    The price is very high. A new lens mount means consumers spend money buying new lenses. That is the fundamental idea. It is revenue. When too many Leica R and M owners hang on to their legacy lenses, the income stream into Leica stops. Well, the Leica T mount lenses are autofocus. All are...
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    Putin confesses Russian troops were delpoyed in Crimea

    Putin Admits Russian Soldiers Were In Crimea in unmarked uniforms From the horse's mouth, no less. New U.S. sanctions against Russia likely because of its actions in Ukraine. By that, I guess USA will be telling a few Russian oligarchs (all billionaires), they cannot visit Disneyland. Putin is...
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    Sometimes, assess situation and don't always follow instructions

    'Wrong instructions increased death toll' Full outcome not known. They say hundreds missing. But the ferry is mostly underwater now. So what does that mean? If you find yourself in a similar situation, do a quick analysis, have an independent mind and don't always assume that the guy giving...
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    Stuff that travelers tried to bring on to planes

    These were confiscated by TSA police from travelers. You tried to bring WHAT on a plane? A CS forum member said in Changi Airport they were strict and even checking his wallet contents. This is why. A person may carry a hidden credit card knife, to board a plane. Metal detector may catch...
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    Singaporean attempted suicide in JB

    Presumably happened on Saturday 12 Apr 14 morning in JB. Singaporean man critical after torching himself No idea why he choose to do so in JB.
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    Back to nuclear energy

    Japan approves energy plan reinstating nuclear power As expected. There is no alternative. Fossil fuel bills will bankrupt Japan. Solar + wind energy is a joke. Anyway it is the correct decision for Japan. Use the latest nuclear technology from US, Germany or France. Just don't use the...
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    Changi Airport is World's best - again

    Changi Airport voted World's Best Airport for 2nd consecutive year Skytrax - World Airport Awards Singapore one of few countries using Interpol database Not bad for a little red dot, once threatened by a disgruntled B J Habibe.
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    Xiaomi + Hongmi

    Anyone bought and using? How is the performance.
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    Now cannot kill nearly 1000 whales each year for "research"

    How Japan managed to pull it off for some many decades. It is a blatant bare faced lie that they kill whales for "research". Must learn from them. Did they bribe the international governing body for past few decades? Well finally good sense prevailed. But by this time almost all the whales...
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    Shigeru Ban wins Pritzker prize

    Architect for the people He is the seventh Japanese architect to win the prize.
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    Windows XP support ending 8 Apr 2014

    End of XP support pending. No more security updates for XP. In addition, Microsoft threatened to end virus signature updates for Microsoft Security Essentials on XP on same date. But have since delayed it till 15 July 2015. Was Microsoft hoping to force XP users to buy Windows 8? Who cares...
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    Heads up. Fake Google Drive Scam.

    There's A New Scam To Steal Your Gmail Info, And It's Hard To Catch
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    Finally it rained at 10am today

    Light rain just happened. Not sure if dry spell will continue. Water rationing?
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    Parliament is not Kopitiam - don't anyhow discuss sensitive issues

    Johor: We have not waived our right on water rates Can our MPs have more sense? Don't anyhow raise sensitive topics that you know for sure will trigger the expected negative back lash response by neighbouring countries. That is the problem with televised Parliamentary proceedings. MPs feel...
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    South African murder trial - why televise?

    It is a murder trial. Prosecution and defence counsel go through their paces. Witnesses give their statements. So what if the accused was an athlete? He should be treated just like any other South African citizen. Should not televise the trial. This is not a TV entertainment reality show. A...
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    Does this group know its history?

    Is this done to get 5 minutes of attention in the news media?
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    The Act of Killing - Award winning documentary

    Try to catch this documentary movie. It has won the BAFTA Award. It has been nominated for the Oscar. Maybe someone will upload on Youtube. Or eventually they will show on History Channel. It is about the massacre from 1965 to 1966. About...