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    WTSell: DSLR - Pentax Pentax k5iis with 3 lens

    Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: DSLR Brand: Pentax Short Description: Pentax k5iis with 3 lens Price (S$): 800 Condition of Item(s): 10 Detailed Description: Selling underused Dslr with 3 lens. Giving up hobby.... Best price, bundle, condition available anywhere...
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    Quality of filter - what to look for?

    For those tokina ones, I doubt they are suppose to have spots tho... I am still shock cos I went thur about 4 pcs and the salesman went thur another 5 or 6.. All seem to be the same...
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    Quality of filter - what to look for?

    Yes yes.. What I see is like wavy pattern in a single direction over the entire surface of the filter.... If it was meant to be there then my worries are unfounded.. Thanks for ur inputs.
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    Quality of filter - what to look for?

    Hi guys, Bought a cpl filter recently by kenko pro1 digital.. I noticed that the surface of the lens does not seem to be mirror smooth.. It actually seem to be uneven fairly consistently all over. I thought since filters needs to allow maximum light thur without altering their original...
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    Alert: DAL 35mm red is different from K-x red

    the kx red is just disappointing... i was going to buy one based in web pics but when i saw the actual one in the shop, i walked away without a second thought....
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    Pentax and Energizer: Something Interesting

    Super nice batteries.. My whole bike is custom sprayed in glitter red.. Blinds people in the sunlight... AWESOME!
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    Where can buy Pentax K-r via 0% instalments?

    No need to be malu... We all got to start somewhere.... When I first started working, money was tight but I need to buy a high price item.. unwilling to use loan system cos of interest.. I borrowed from my parents.. and repay by installment monthly until it ends. You may want to consider this...
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    Horrible this shop !

    a salesman from SLS tried to sell me a Sony camera pouch for $200 when it cost about $50 from the Sony shop... that was when digicams were still quite new to the public.. (Sony P1) it really pays to know the prices before going shopping...
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    K-r Limited Robo Edition!

    super freaking awesome! a bit embrassing to bring out tho...
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    universal studio HDR

    wow they dont look like photos anymore. More like computer generated.. Can you post an original? Just wondering how much difference there are....
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    Just to share here what I found at Sitex

    Read Post #142. Crowd or no crowd, the preorder system is a fail.......
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    Which shops sell pentax lens & 3rd party lens (tamron, etc.) for pentax?

    it is definitely a good system for training your shopping prowess and patience...
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    Just to share here what I found at Sitex

    So much for the preorder... lol:thumbsd::thumbsd::thumbsd:
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    I got mugged along with all my gear!!!!

    Thanks hotwork77 and pupuce for sharing their stories... must be really sucky losing the pictures and all the gear... lucky no bodily harm.
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    I got mugged along with all my gear!!!!

    Well... actually no... however I am curious to know if anyone got personal experience on this... Do share your stories, for a laugh, for us newbies to learn too... It seems that many DSLR owners like to use bags that doesnt not look too obvious for the fear of being robbed, mugged... I...
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    Bad experience in SLRR

    TS, what is the preorder price for the lens that you have ordered? Prehaps you can give some discount since it might be useless to you? Kidding bro.. Chill and move on... there will always be another shop or better camera to buy...
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    Bad experience in SLRR

    Bravo and congrats! Enjoy your new purchase!
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    So frustrating being a Pentax owner...

    I certainly hope no one is being discouraged by this thread to become a Pentax owner. Here's a link I found that you might want to read. The web is flooded with information and opinions and at end...
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    WTBuy: Lens - Pentax New DA 18- 135 WR

    No need liao... closed.