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    XILETU RM-25C extendable bendy mount

    Video here The Xiletu RM-25C is the swiss army knife of gorillapods that is also a convenient alternative to a DSLR cage. All three legs can be removed and joined end to end to form a long snake. Each leg has a standard 1/4-20 male and female end for any accessories. Great for mounting monitors...
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    Fomei mini fresnel

    Essentially the same light as an intellytech pocket cannon mini
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    NPF powered Bowens-ready LED fresnel

    Wellmaking is a relatively new LED maker with an interesting selling point. Their LED lights are light and portable, capable of running off NPF batteries. The lights come with Bowens mount without any adapters
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    100W LED lamp for only $31!!

    CRI is 90. Bicolor with remote control. From Aliexpress
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    bargain basement wireless HDMI

    The Navceker wireless HDMI transmitter-receiver kit is only $137 from Aliexpress Good for applications where lag is not big issue. Also available in 300ft model for $211
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    wristworn monitor for CineEye

    Accsoon CineEye is one of the best invention to ship this year. Essentially, it sends a wireless video signal from any HDMI source to a smartphone for monitoring and recording. For lone shooters who need to walk around a venue and still monitor a few camcorders, this full android smartwatch may...
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    NPF batteries with USB port

    SKOWER 7800mAh NP-F970 can be used as a powerbank and can be charged with micro USB cable $29 from Aliexpress
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    Gimbal strap for cheap

    This saxaphone strap can be held in place by way of an under-armpit strap. Excellent for cameras, gimbals, small pouches etc $2.50 from Aliexpress
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    featherweight selfie stick

    A very rare selfie stick made of carbon fiber. Weighs only 112g. Ideal as an extension arm for lume cubes, shotgun mics etc. $13 from Aliexpress
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    Ultra compact Telescopic field stool

    Great for interviews, field editing, or get one for each foot to stand on. Supports 130kg. Only $28 from Lazada
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    $148 Giant 2.6m Tripod

    Folds down to just 72cm. From Aliexpress
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    Poor man's LitraPro

    While the LitraPro is 50mm x70mm, this Tolifo HF64 is 65mm x 65mm, but 1/5 of the price. $55 from Aliexpress
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    Another powerbank for cameras

    Thanks to the abysmal battery life of the BMPCC4K, there's been a proliferation of external battery solutions from gear makers. That is also good news for sony mirrorless owners who face the same problems. IndiProtools has an impressive 96Wh powerbank that mounts under any camera body
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    Daiso lightstand hook

    Found this in the gardening section of Daiso Eastpoint. Very strong grip perfect for hanging powerbanks, cables or scripts from lightstands and tripods.
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    OSMO pocket umbilical cord

    Brilliant hack for motion timelapse. Cheap and good.
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    Blind Spot 10,000mAh Powerbank for camera

    From the makers of the Power Junkie comes the Power Cage
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    Quba Pro dual mount battery grip No shipping dates yet from the makers of the fatbat.
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    Brinno goes FHD with TLC2000

    At long last, Timelapse camera maker Brinno decides to upgrade from 720p to 1080p.
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    Bargain basement 3ft LED mat

    The Travor or Fositan FL-1X3A/FL-3090A is a 3ft LED fabric mat. Only $160!
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    38cm lightwand with removable battery grip

    The Travor L2 lightwand packs down to just 38cm for easy transport Runs on 2x 18650 battery