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    Blind Spot 10,000mAh Powerbank for camera

    From the makers of the Power Junkie comes the Power Cage
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    Quba Pro dual mount battery grip No shipping dates yet from the makers of the fatbat.
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    Brinno goes FHD with TLC2000

    At long last, Timelapse camera maker Brinno decides to upgrade from 720p to 1080p.
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    Bargain basement 3ft LED mat

    The Travor or Fositan FL-1X3A/FL-3090A is a 3ft LED fabric mat. Only $160!
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    38cm lightwand with removable battery grip

    The Travor L2 lightwand packs down to just 38cm for easy transport Runs on 2x 18650 battery
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    Hitfilm Express is now a freeware

    A lot for bang for the price tag ($0)
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    XLR cables for smartphones

    Pure zen! No batteries, no mixers, no problem. Works with dynamic and condenser mics.
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    3.5mm TRRS to TRS converter

    The ifi iEMatch is more than an adapter cable.
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    side coldshoe for RX100

    The UUrig R017 is a handle with a coldshoe for the RX100 series of camera.
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    accessory clamp with 3 degrees of freedom

    Andoer smartphone clamp has 1/4"-20 mounting holes on top, bottom, and back! A lightweight cage alternative for pocket cameras without hotshoe.
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    UuRig Swing-away filter holder

    Uurig RFS is a knock -off of a recent kickstarter project that turns filters into flip open lenscaps.
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    Powerbank for small cameras

    The Ulanzi BG-1 is a slender 5200mAh powerbank that can be used as grip for camera cages. The form factor is also suitable in a fig-rig set up
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    Micro-sized 2 channel digital mixer

    The Boya DM-20 is a tiny mixer with two 3.5mm inputs. The maximum gain is 30dB but it can only be powered externally via USB port. Two volume dials for independant control of each channel with mono or stereo selector. Unlike passive mixers, BY-DM20 can supply mic bias to batteryless shotguns...
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    Livestreaming using Canon Powershot G7X mk3

    A tutorial on how to livestream to youtube with the G7X
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    Olympus em1.2 still worth buying now?

    My sentiments exact!
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    How to mount any powerbank under your camera

    Things you need: 1. Any USB powerbank 2. Xiletu XJ-8 handphone bracket 3. XR649 mini quick release for accessories You will only need one Xiletu XJ-8 for handheld shooting and another XJ-8 for the tripod baseplate if using sticks. Assembly: 1. Clamp one XJ-8 to the powerbank. The XJ-8 is a...
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    UUrig RX100 mk7 cage

    UURig cage for RX100 mk7 adds not one but 3 coldshoes to the powerful but shoeless mk7. Only $38.
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    Osmo Pocket comes of age

    Check out the Feelworld wide angle adapter in this video!
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    Half-price VXLR+ knock-off: MOVO FXLR Pro

    The nondescript Movo FXLR Pro has been one of the most liberating piece of audio gear since the proliferation of prosumer audio gear in the market.(or more accurately, since the original Rode VXLR+) The big impedance divide and the deep phantom power/mic bias chasm has finally been bridged by...
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    A revolution has started