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    WTSell: Large Format - Horseman Horseman LE Large Format Monorail Camera

    Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: Large Format Brand: Horseman Short Description: Horseman LE Large Format Monorail Camera Price (S$): $788 Condition of Item(s): 9 Detailed Description: I’m selling my original workhorse large format camera which I have used to shoot a...
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    Architect(ural) Photography: An Intra-Collaborative Experience

    Hi all, I'm currently showing a series of architectural images at Page One, Vivocity. Most of the images are made on large format film. They feature architectural works by my firm, LAUD Architects Pte Ltd. The exhibition is in conjunction with Archifest 2009, sponsored by Cathay Photo...
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    D700: Problem with direct download of NEF files

    Scenario: I shoot both RAW and JPEG Direct link with cable to computer Problem: computer reads all files as JPEG But when I use a card reader...the computer reads both JPEG and NEF files. Is there a setting in the camera that is wrong? Thanks for your help.
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    WTB: Mamiya RZ67 Shift lens 75mm

    Hi there, I'm looking for a shift lens, 75mm one for the Mamiya RZ67 II. Anyone with a used one who would like to let go at affordable price, please let me know. Thanks. Melvin
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    112mm Polarizer

    Hi guys, I know this isn't the right place but figured you MF-LF users will know best. Is there any source here for a 112mm diameter polarizer? Please let me know asap, there's someone coming in from Australia tomorrow who wants one. Thanks. Melvin H J Tan
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    WTB: Rodenstock Grandagon-N 75mm f/4.5

    I've posted this on the buy/sell forum, but hopefully more LF-users will see it here. I'm looking for the above lens or equivalent, such as nikkor sw, or even a schneider 75mm f/5.6. Preferably with centre filter. Anyone...pls pm me. Thanks Melvin H J Tan
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    Any Labs that Process 4x5, in bishan, thomson rd area?

    Hi guys, Besides RGB and Spectra, are there any pro labs that process 4x5 transparencies in the bishan, thomson road area? Is there a lab at toa payoh area? I recall there was one but don't remember. Thanks for your help! Melvin
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    Can anyone confirm if thaipusam is happening tommorrow? If so, where's the best place to shoot?