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    Any tips to take nice pictures from Lumix GF1/GF2?

    If you new with GF than start with using iA option. Than read the info on the pic to learn how to adjust the features.
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    Launch of Panansonic sg Microsite

    All 15 "going" members; are we gonna "GROUPed-UP" ? or individual walk in?
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    Post your best Land/City-scapes and Travel photos for year 2009

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia (pt1) Killing Field Grand Central Market
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    Night Scenery of Marina Barrage..

    Kohanson: nice pix 6 & 9.
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    What Made you choose the Panasonic GF1 or Olympus Pen?

    GF-1! I'm a new m4/3 user and I do compared both EP1 and GF1. Verdict; depends entirely on YOU(Buyer)! Why you choose a m4/3 rather than normal 4/3? As for me, my objective is to find a DSLR camera for traveling around, thus GF-1 (lighter/ easy to use/ built-in Flash) Although I hardly use the...
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    GF-1 Owners - live histogram?

    agreed with microsm; can all GF-1 owner come together and help each other? We are already a minority group (m4/3). We should shared all our experiences in using the camera.
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    [ PLUG OUTING ] - Boat and Clarke Quay on 20th Dec (5pm to 7.30pm)

    Bjump I would like to join.
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    Canon G11 or S90

    Hey ppl, I'm interested in this package too (G11 + canon u/w). pm me.
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    Newbie need recommendation for camera with casing under $1k

    Richter, I am looking into buying a G10 + its underwater casing. Want to buy together to get better discount? anyone knows where we can get a good bargain? Pls help. Thank you.