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    EastGear @ IT Show 2004 Promotions (Booth: 8526)

    Visit EastGear at IT Show 2004, 11-14 March 2004 (12 noon to 9pm - Daily) Suntec Exhibition Hall Level 4 and enjoy these promotions. Admission is free. Click for brochure (JPG Format) Click for brochure (PDF Format)
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    Ordering Kirk Plates

    Thinking of ordering stuff from, anyone interested to join & share shipping?
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    RSAF Open House 6-7 sept 03

    Airforce having open house at Paya Lebar Air Base. 6 & 7 sept. Anyone know if there will be restrictions on photo equipment like at the Runway Cycling?
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    Looking for National Geographic Back Issues

    I'm looking for a couple of National Geographic back issues from the early 90s for a project. I've considered National Library but its in CD-ROM and the National Reference Library is an absolute pain. Anyone have these to let go or know where I can get them? Naturally I'd need them with...
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    Filters essential for landscape and nature?

    I need to move my pictures up to the next level and decided to take the plunge into creative filtering. I don't like to filter but sometimes the saturation of the sky and greenery aren't quite there. I'm on a budget and don't want a box of filters I won't use so after trawling the web these...
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    Computer/ electronics recycling?

    Anyone know where we can dump our old computer stuff like casings, broken harddisks, cdroms etc? There must be someone recycling stuff like this but I can't find any info. The alternative is to chuck it in the trash which doesn't seem right.
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    Youth Skate Park, 29 Mar 03

    Taken with Nikon D100, AF-D 80-200, monopod. Aperture priority, f/2.8. ISO 400. Pics uncropped, resized down to 20%. Pics were a little under exposed so I cheated and desaturated the pics then adjusted the levels to avoid blowing up the colours. Amazed that despite being under, quite a bit...
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    Anyone got a EH-5 AC adaptor to lend?

    Finally did my first CCD check today and surprise surprise, some dust particles decided to take up residence in my D100. Anyone with a EH-5 I could borrow or rent?
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    Price for Lowepro Stealth AW?

    Anyone know the local price for a LowePro Stealth AW? Found a place selling online for US$155 w/o shipping.