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    Wah, I love all of them, especially the first one where the sun is shining through the back of her hair. Thanks for sharing
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    Kateryna From Ukraine

    Amazing shots, very sharp, good lighting. The model has beautiful eyes + skin!
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    [Banana_Man] Perfected Imperfections...

    You never know till you try, Bananadriver. Go to and list your photos to sell. Some of the photos there are like "..." speechless because they are so bad and yet they dare to sell it online. But this is a place for artists from all walks of life to sell their stuff. I have...
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    Buildings & Scenes in Singapore

    One word - WOW! You have an uncanny ability to see angles - some of those places I took before but no way did they look anything as beautiful as your photos. You are very gifted.
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    [Banana_Man] Perfected Imperfections...

    Lovely, lovely shots, BananaDiver. Your photos tell a story, and it makes me want to keep looking. It makes me want to pick up my camera again, your photos are so inspirational! Do you sell your photos? I think there are people who would want to buy them.
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    Best Compact Camera for Movie

    Well, I wanted a smallish camera that would fit into my purse so a camcorder would be hard to do so. I had a look at your recommendation and while I thank you for that, I wanted something a lot thinner.
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    Best Compact Camera for Movie

    Thank you so much!
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    Best Compact Camera for Movie

    Hi all, with all the sales that is going round, I would like to buy a compact camera that is good for filming movies with sound. I have one that has no sound, a Canon. (How pointless is that?) I would be using it mainly to film lectures. Some I will be filming my children and putting it on the...
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    Malacca Trip - Scenes

    Jeorem, where is this place in Malacca? with the graffiti on the walls? I didn't realise that they allowed that drawings on the wall.
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    Malacca Trip - Archi Shots

    Jeorems, your photos are very well taken. They could be made into postcards - I would buy them! Thank you for sharing.
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    smoke photography.

    I love your smoke series! I tried them so many times, to set it up at home and using incense but I could NEVER come up with anything satisfactory! What lights do you use? I used a SB-800 flash and used my kid's craft black paper for the background. But so YUCK man!
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    Our Child Series.

    My second son and my first one (This was taken a year ago - makes me realise that I haven't taken photos of my boys recently!)
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    Help with Frontpage from Web Design Gurus!

    Thank you Deceased, do you give tuition in web design? :) I will pay you for your time, it be as much as I can afford, as I am not being paid for the job. You are very kind to direct me to the link, I appreciate your help! Let me have a shot at doing it myself and see how I go.
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    Help with Frontpage from Web Design Gurus!

    Hi everyone, I volunteered to do a non-profit informal group's website because they are basically a group of ladies who have no background in the internet (like me, only know how to surf) So I borrowed a book from the library on Frontpage but I am having such a hard time doing the simplest of...
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    Going somewhere, Darling? (Eternal Love)

    Hi Razin, Apa khabar, lama tak sembang! Jangan lupa bawak paku ye? (I never did find the pontianak DVD in the end)
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    Pictoria Key Chain

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    Master Conventions 2006 - Three 2 One (Nov 10 &11)

    Yes but it is a professional certification - you have to submit your photos for critique and then if you pass, then you are a member.
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    Master Conventions 2006 - Three 2 One (Nov 10 &11)

    Yes, ellery is right. There are only a handful of members in Singapore and there is room for at least 100. Cheers
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    Master Conventions 2006 - Three 2 One (Nov 10 &11)

    I made a mistake with the cost: 2 day Rate:Member $198 Non member $300 1 Day Pass Member $110 Non member $175 Door rates 2 days Members $225 Non members $325 Door Rates 1 Day Members $125 Non Members $200 My apologies.
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    Master Conventions 2006 - Three 2 One (Nov 10 &11)

    The Master Photographers Association of UK is holding an event not to be missed in Nov. Go to the website for details. Friday 10th Nov & Sat 11th Nov Additional Information not found on the website: Order of Events Friday 10th Nov 2006...