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    Best Compact Camera for Movie

    Hi all, with all the sales that is going round, I would like to buy a compact camera that is good for filming movies with sound. I have one that has no sound, a Canon. (How pointless is that?) I would be using it mainly to film lectures. Some I will be filming my children and putting it on the...
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    Help with Frontpage from Web Design Gurus!

    Hi everyone, I volunteered to do a non-profit informal group's website because they are basically a group of ladies who have no background in the internet (like me, only know how to surf) So I borrowed a book from the library on Frontpage but I am having such a hard time doing the simplest of...
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    Pictoria Key Chain

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    Master Conventions 2006 - Three 2 One (Nov 10 &11)

    The Master Photographers Association of UK is holding an event not to be missed in Nov. Go to the website for details. Friday 10th Nov & Sat 11th Nov Additional Information not found on the website: Order of Events Friday 10th Nov 2006...
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    Alamak, how come my photos got hair?

    I cleaned my DSLR like crazy with the brush and still there is hair in my photos. It looks like a bit of carpet hair and I can usually photoshop it out but lately another hair "sprouted" up in my pictures. How to clean please? :(
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    I love this building...but everytime I tried to take the photo, the horizon seemed to be slanted. I even used a tripod to make sure it was straight. (for the first photo) I haven't done any post processing and it was quite early in the morning when I took this shot. I wanted to ask you pros...
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    A Building in Singapore (UOB Bank I think)

    Ok, I am not really sure how to take pictures of buildings. (But I love buildings in general)What should I be looking for? Lines is obviously one of them. I would like all your comments on what you think of the above picture. I don't know how I can make it more "creative" or "Wow!"
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    Pictoria Key Chain

    Hi, I am looking for key chains where after taking a photo, you can put your child's photo in it. Does anyone know what I mean? Sorry, I wish I had a picture of it...
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    Free digital backgrounds

    Did a search but found most of them are not free. Does anyone have links they know which are FOC? THanks.
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    Miracle of life.(warning, a little nudity!)

    In line with tubbykat's pregnant photos, here are mine. Tubbykat and I seem to take similar subjects frequently! :bsmilie: 1. 2. 3. And again, my colours are a little off when I post them here. (The black and white ones here have a...
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    If you had a chance to study photography...

    ...anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
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    Another nude...

    My third studio shot, would appreciate feedback on lighting or composition thank you. I have Spyder 2 at home and don't know why it looks so red on this website. (Looks fine on my photoshop though) 1. 2. 3.
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    My son

    Taken at home, with the bedsheet as a background.
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    Provia slides left out of the fridge :(

    I found some of my slides left outside the fridge (I must have forgotten to put them back) and they must have been out for 2 months or so. Question: will it affect my slides? Thanks.
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    Taking a photo of the MICA Building

    I love this building and want to take a picture of it. As I don't have a lot of time to go out several times to shoot it, can some one please help: What is the best time of day to take the shot? evening or morning? Where on earth do you stand to take the shot as it is facing an extremely...
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    Russian lenses

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying some russian lenses for my D70S and was wondering how good they are generally. Am getting them second hand. Thanks.
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    More about studio lights

    Hi I'm looking to set up a studio at home and was looking at a couple of chinese brands. Have looked at Elinchrome and Bowens but cannot afford it at this stage. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this brand as there is a chap in Yahoo Auctions selling them - Falcon Eyes. Also...
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    Cross processed look with Photoshop CS2

    Hi, does anyone know how to do this? Thank you.
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    Anyone who does darkroom printing?

    I am desperately looking for someone who can print my black and white photos for me, I will pay of course, as I am submitting for a qualification in the UK.Does anyone know anyone? Thanks.
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    Going to JB

    Hi, a group of us are going to JB for shopping. Can you guys recommend where to go to have good food? Local food preferably.