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    WTBuy: Memory Card - Any 32mb / 64mb CF Cards

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Memory Card Equipment Brand: Any Equipment Model: 32mb / 64mb CF Cards Budget (S$): $10 Description: Dear all, If you have any old but in working condition 32mb / 64mb (yes MB not TB) CF Card, please contact me at 81985249. I can...
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    WTSell: Accessory - Nikon MB-D11 Original Grip (for D7000)

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Accessory Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: MB-D11 Original Grip (for D7000) Price (S$): $90 Description: Comes with box and items necessary. Item is well used but not abused. Scratch marks can be seen. Deal in Beach...
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    WTSell: DSLR - Nikon D7000 Body

    Closed deal...thanks for reading...
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    WTSell: DSLR - Nikon D7000 Body

    Reserved for viewing
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    WTSell: DSLR - Nikon D7000 Body

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: D7000 Body Price (S$): $600 Description: - Nikon D7000 Body - Minimal usage scratches - No dents - Still in very good condition - Comes with charger, 1x original battery, 1x OEM Battery...
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    Second Batch of Nikon Official Product 24-70 Tumbler On sale Now

    Wibblo - 1pc Collections 23rd Nov
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    Samyang 14mm ( wide Angle lens ) ( Canon and Nikon Mount )

    Hi can pm me the price for nikon mount? Thanks.
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    Taiwan Trip in Dec 09

    err..think Sun Moon Lake - Alisan already near south liao.. anyways..go during Feb during Li Chu (early spring)....visit Li shan/He Huanshan (Tai Chung) - snow should have started....yangmingshan (Taipei) for the flowers...ShiLin / Ximenting night market (Taipei)...Ye Lui
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    Civil Servants get a modest one-off year-end payment of 0.25 month

    now that Dubai has gone bankrupt...this less than $750 is a welcome least my son's school text books are covered...
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    Ting Ting Candy Seller Whereabout

    go to old serangoon central...Kovan MRT...just bought the ting ting candy and other sweeties warned tho...last time when mata wear shorts...sold ex......meant to say the shopping centre above the mrt
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    I took up photography because of .........

    so that I don't to run the Cross Country in Mc Ritchie..only need to use my Canon AE1-P to take photos..
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    Whats your favourite T shirt brand?

    easy..go Queensway shopping centre..some have up to 4XL size...which is about size 54...sure fits u
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    PES C2 - 13 years NSman cycle??

    I old time Pes C...then they set me as C2...after 3 x 1month and 1x3weeks Reservist...becomes C2L9..and served 9High +4Low...MR when age does not matter.. got promoted to CPL somemore during last in-camp...and I love going thru with Infantry/Airforce/Armour/Airforce
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    Canon AE 1 Prog

    Used it back in 1983.....sweet and nice...esp b&w pics...
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    Man Utd-The Legacy continues: 18 n still counting! Unlike some stopped @ 18!

    one more....this should bode well for the season...
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    Man Utd-The Legacy continues: 18 n still counting! Unlike some stopped @ 18! soccer over the internet has 1min
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    An idea for a business - sexy glam shots for brides

    think husbands want in too....;)
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    World Smallest Drill

    maker must have been targetting ants and fleas...
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    H1N1 - Confirmed local spread

    going BKK now...lagi afraid....seems BKK becoming worse...