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    Selling Panasonic M3500

    AnYonezzZ $350/- FrEE Video Camera Stand n Video light see pic!
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    Selling Panasonic M3500

    PRICE REDUCE AGAIN TO $350/- in needs of cash new pic added:
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    Selling Panasonic M3500

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    Selling Panasonic M3500

    PRICE REDUCE TO $500/-:thumbsup: PRICE REDUCE TO $400
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    Selling Panasonic M3500

    SElling Panasonic VHS Video Camera M3500(Stand,Video Card N Video Light comes free) Power cord missing. $600(price reduce) Price neg.... SMS 97561634 view pic at:
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    F4 for sale

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    By The Window

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    How much is Sigma 18-125mm 3.5-5.6f and 18-200mm 3.5-6.3f

    Anybody know how much is this lens selling? Sigma 18-125mm 3.5-5.6f Sigma 18-200mm 3.5-6.3f
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    in between the rains...

    [ 2. nice...:thumbsup:
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    Aqua Metal

    :thumbsup: nice werkz.....
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    Newbie Report In

    welkom...welkom...welkom.... :cheergal:
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    Police Using Subaru Wrx Soon

    me too......seen them many times driving likes hooligans attending to small kids makin noise.....Pui.!!wat a loser.!!.. :thumbsd: :thumbsd:
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    rent/loan Nikon DSLR urgent..

    hi.. im in desparate need of someone to rent/loan me his/her DSLR Nikon... my D70 just broken yesterday... just wont start when i switch it ON.. the CF indicator just blink and blink and blink... Need it for this friday 4 March and 5 March....just 2 days...( Malay Wedding) willing to pay some...
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    hmmmmm...touch me in some way...nice shotz.. :thumbsup:
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    fantastic...wonderful... :thumbsup: :bigeyes:
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    witness.....damn nice siah yur pic... i love the shotz and angle...summore in b/w... salute U bro..
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    Photos of India - Calcutta, Darjeeling

    People flocking to see the Eastern Himalayas in the sunrise: amazing pic... :thumbsup: so much colour... :bigeyes:
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    Hammer Head Flash for D70

    tried with metz 45 CT4.. but have to used adapter 3204 M2.. only thing is dat i can`t used the iTTL. :thumbsd:
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    Just for laughs

    HAHAHAH...berry funny man...hehehehhee.. :thumbsup: