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  1. chunxi

    NEX-US ASSEMBLE! (Sony E-Mount Users List)

    NEX-7 1. kei1309 2. Errz 3. Thoth 4. wangzb 5. Alternate 6. Joryan 7. sagiluck 8. BarneyChihan 9. Guystqy 10. Huntzer 11. sutjahjo 12. artyboy 13. edelijah 14. kofeel 15. Jeremy1 16. sinbad108 17. michealang 18. BigHeadDog 19. shepherdmoon 20. beano 21. alvinfrancis 22. ghostfit 23. m32t8103 24...
  2. chunxi

    18-200mm for nex 5

    where to find 18-200 ?
  3. chunxi

    What's your bundle deal for Sony Nex 5?

    where got sell ? i ask so many sony style, no one have.
  4. chunxi

    Sony Nex 5 or Samsung NX10

    samsung sponsored the equipment of cos must say samsung good lah. they never show you the number of photo that cannot pass out of these few photos that they posted out.
  5. chunxi

    "Don't buy Sony, very bad. I rather dont sell you. Get canon"

    it's the same as all other sony products you go every electronic store eg courts, hn, they will tell you sony not good, blah blah blah bcos sony control the selling price very tight, all the price you can find on sony website so cannot anyhow sian you, thus commission not so good. other brand...
  6. chunxi

    SEL18200 for Nex-5 out

    where in singapore still have stock ?
  7. chunxi

    SEL18200 for Nex-5 out

    sony singapore is controlled by sony hong kong so any good stuff, hong kong will get first until their demand is satisfied, then any 'leftover' will then be 'thrown' to singapore
  8. chunxi

    Do i need a drybox? Why? Where to buy? How to buy drybox?

    aipo is full digital meter and humidifier, just up/down to the number you want digi cab is digital meter, analog humidifier. turn know and wait to see if get desired level
  9. chunxi

    What's your bundle deal for Sony Nex 5?

    18-200 will only come in sep :(
  10. chunxi

    Remote for NEX-5

    can use the same remote as alpha
  11. chunxi

    Detailed tutorial for Sony A300?

    you just bought the camera ? have you register the warranty ? sony provide complimentary basic familiarisation course for new user.
  12. chunxi

    What's your bundle deal for Sony Nex 5?

    there isn't such a package
  13. chunxi

    Which rechargeable battery?

    sony 'cycle energy' battery (2000mah) is oem from sanyo
  14. chunxi

    The Hospital.

    the sign is at all the main entrance
  15. chunxi

    The Hospital.

    actually you are not suppose to take photo inside hospital need to apply for permission
  16. chunxi

    Sillica gel; thirsty hippo; dry boxes; dehumidifier lamp in a cupboard which one?

    i just saw this today at funan challenger
  17. chunxi

    What's your bundle deal for Sony Nex 5?

    ya, film type
  18. chunxi

    What's your bundle deal for Sony Nex 5?

    just ordered mine nex5 from hn hougang $1199 camera with dual lens $99 2nd battery $132 extra 2 yrs warranty free 8gb memory card, screen protector. pay by nets which bag is more compact for nex5 with the dual lens ? do your buy tripod ? dry cabinet ?
  19. chunxi

    Nex 3 price

    nex5 can use remote
  20. chunxi

    problems with dslr in extremely cold weather?

    compact no problem, i took it to harbin previously with more than -30++, no problem, just the battery like s**t. mt fuji not that cold, aug is still summer. i went last oct/nov, only +10 to +15, just the wind abit big :P.