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  1. Kenneth67C

    US Birds MI and NY

    Northern Great Lakes Cardinal ( Cardinalis cardinalis ) breeding male ... if the weather turns cold they will use there feathers to warm there eggs in nest ..
  2. Kenneth67C

    Azure-winged Magpie

    Not a close up pic, but I like the composition:
  3. Kenneth67C

    Visitors to my office

    Chinese Bulbul White Wagtail (thanks xfu5ion)
  4. Kenneth67C

    Nuttall's Woodpecker

    Nuttall’s woodpecker has black wings and tail feathers with white barring. On the ventral surface, colour is white with black spots and barring. It has a black forehead with white streaks on the sides and an unbarred black region at the top of the back. Adult males have a distinguishable red...
  5. Kenneth67C

    Long-Tailed Shrike

  6. Kenneth67C

    GP-E2 GPS

    Hi 5d3 and 1dx users Has anyone tried this yet? Do you find it useful? Any comments/feedback positive or negative?
  7. Kenneth67C

    WTSell: Filter - B+W 72mm Fpro (x2), 72mm XSpro (x1)

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Filter Equipment Brand: B+W Equipment Model: 72mm Fpro (x2), 72mm XSpro (x1) Price (S$): Fpro @$45ea, XSpro @$60 firm Description: These are the best filters, virtually no light loss and no degradation to the image quality. Cleans...
  8. Kenneth67C

    WTSell: Tripod - Sirui T2205x + G20 Ballhead

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Tripod Equipment Brand: Sirui Equipment Model: T2205x + G20 Ballhead Price (S$): 220 ono Description: Priced to clear, hardly used CF tripod and ballhead practically given away. Upgraded to higher end model as system needs changed...
  9. Kenneth67C

    Shanghai F1 2012

    The winner: Nico Rosberg 2nd: Jenson Button 3rd: Lewis Hamilton
  10. Kenneth67C

    Fuji X10 Images thread

    There's one thread for the X100, so there should be one for the X10 as well. Here are some shots I took: Great face detection, shot while walking Low light ability Good resolution from centre to corners Good dynamic range Feel free to add your own shots...
  11. Kenneth67C

    Raw files from 60D

    I borrowed a 60D for some shooting and found that my version of DPP and CS5 cannot open the raw files from the 60D. Is there an update for Canon's DPP or another way to read the RAW files of the 60D?
  12. Kenneth67C

    ND filters & Pano webhosting sites

    Hi all I'm looking for: 1) 82mm 8-10 stop ND filters which are fairly neutral. I tried searching B+W but they don't have that size available. Any other recommendations? 2) Are there any sites where I host my pano shots? Preferably those that allow you to scroll from left to right/up/down?
  13. Kenneth67C

    Extreme Low Light Shooting

    I've been spending the last couple of days in LiJiang with colleague/friend, and after our meeting, we went out shooting around the ancient town using just available light. I shot with the 5D2+ 50mmf1.4/85mmf1.4. He shot with the M9+ 50Noc f1.0. He showed me the shots taken with the Noc...
  14. Kenneth67C

    Suitable lenses for IR

    I just got started out in IR photography and just noticed that a couple of lenses are not really suited, the "bad" lenses. For those who have tried out these lenses, what exactly did they find bad about them for IR: 1) Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6 2) Canon 50 f1.4 3) Canon 16-35 f2.8 II (the list...
  15. Kenneth67C

    Some vertical questions

    Hi all I've got some noobie questions: when shooting in vertical orientation, sometimes I tend to get the verticals out of alinement. I was thinking of either: 1) Getting a battery grip to help when holding the cam upright, but was worried about the additional weight including batteries...
  16. Kenneth67C

    Attending a wedding in Sweden

    Hi all I'm planning to go and attend my niece's wedding in Sweden this coming April. I won't be the official photographer, just representing the bride's side, while also going for a short holiday since I'm there. I don't want to log the whole lot over, but I do want to be reasonably...
  17. Kenneth67C

    Stacking filters

    Hi all I've been out of Singapore for a while, and wanted to try out ND filters with the possibility of stacking with GND. As this would most likely be with a UWA lens, the possibility of vignetting is quite high, so what are my options? The lenses would probably either be the 17-40 or the...
  18. Kenneth67C

    Sigma 10-20f4-5.6 on APSC vs 17-40mmL on FF

    Hi all I started out with the 550d and built up the system around it, including the Sigma 10-20mm. Later upgraded to the 5DII and now I'm wondering if its worth to upgrade to the 17-40f4L, or should I just be happy with the Sigma. For shooting landscapes, which is the better option?
  19. Kenneth67C

    2010 National Geographic Photo Contest - Stunning shots Which do you like best of the 13 photos?
  20. Kenneth67C

    Sony A55 declared 1/50 best inventions

    by Time magazine Nov 22 issue, page 48. "A.k.a. the camera that never blinks. Traditional digital SLR cameras take the nicest photographs around, but they're hobbled by a decades-old techical limitation: when you snap a picture, the mirror that's been redirecting the image to your eye and to...