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  1. lamergod

    Tamil Nadu X Lamergod

    Visited an orphange and helped out a lil. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. C&C Appreciated.
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    Tamil Nadu X Lamergod

    10. Excuse the sensor dust, haven't touched my camera in a long time. 11. 12. 13.
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    Tamil Nadu X Lamergod

    6. 7. 8. 9.
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    Tamil Nadu X Lamergod

    Traveled around Chennai and Pondicherry for a cultural exchange with my school. Here are some photos. C&C appreciated. 1. 2. 3. Mahabalipuram. 4. Mahabalipuram 5.
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    Still so THIN

    Eat a lot and train a lot. Check out what's your basal metabolism rate and eat about 200-500 calories above it. Go hit the gym. You'll see very good muscle gains very fast. But there will be diminishing returns. Workout 3-4 days a week resting in-between each day. Otherwise you'll just be plain...
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    Champagne and sparkler lovers

    Pissed off Jay-Z pretty bad. They have Perignons in Fair Price Finest. Saw one few months back in Bishan. Think it was 2009 or 2010.
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    Champagne and sparkler lovers

    Dom Tyler Perignon, Cristal and Armand de Brignac. Too much of a hip hop fan.
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    How to keep black jeans black? And in good condition?

    It's not Americans that don't wash their jeans. People who wear raw denims don't wash their jeans. Or at least every 6 months. So that the jeans can fade and have it's own characteristics like this Your jeans is most probably washed to have it's own fade unless it's raw. My advise is just...
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    Most photographers/pro shooters have a poor sense of dressing?

    Biography « The Sartorialist Scott Schuman. But then again, he's the most influential style photographer in the world. I think many hobbyist don't generally seem themselves as artist. More of a technical person. Just look at the kind of photos in P&P section. Most of them does not much...
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    Able to extract data from a spoilt portable hard disk?

    Thanks guys! I'll try to get it checked. My hard disk is a Toshiba one that comes with a casing. Is there any shops in Sim Lim or Funan I can get it opened?
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    Able to extract data from a spoilt portable hard disk?

    Nope. There's no light at all. Haven't tried other laptops though. Usually, there'll be some vibration when it is plugged in. But now there's nothing.
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    Able to extract data from a spoilt portable hard disk?

    Hey guys, I'm not a very tech savy person. My only portable hard disk has crashed after a lot of droppings on the floor. Unfortunately, I didn't back it up. All my pictures and stuff are inside. Is there any place or any way I can extract it? A nominal fee is ok. It might just be a connection...
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    [edutilos] State of Mine

  14. lamergod

    [kuantoh] On Board Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas 26-05-2012

    Lovely set of pictures. Have never been on a cruise before. Would love to get on one one day. Those panoramas are awesome!
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    First XI vs Sleague ALL Stars 2012

    No. 2 stands out greatly from the set IMO. Well done sir.
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    [lifestyle1881] Lions XII vs Kelantan (10Jan2012)

    17 has lots of potential! If Sundram (I think) had a bit more emotions that would be a fantastic shot. The framing of the players is a really unique composition.
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    Anybody taking N level result this coming monday?? Im scared.

    Sorry, I should be more explicit. What I meant was the working world. I don't have the rights to do so. But many of my friends in ITE call themselves that. I'm just stereotyping the kind of stereotypes they want to be associated with. Plus, many of them feel that it's cool to be associated...
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    Anybody taking N level result this coming monday?? Im scared.

    EMB3 less than 19 I think. English, Maths and best 3. Good luck to TS. When you think about it, ITE isn't the most conducive environment to study. In real life you'll still lose out to people with diploma and a degree. Plus the people that you mix around are let's admit it, mats, minahs, ah...
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    ]Lamergod[ Home United VS Geylang FC

    Haven't shot sports in about 2 months already. Getting really rusty at it. Thus the photos are quite lacklustre. C&C appreciated. 1. Isa Halim 2. Masrezwan Masturi 3. 4. Frédéric Mendy C&C appreciated.
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    BraveHart S.League 2011 Diary [Matchday pics] - Compilation

    The Protector in me still think that Home U will win the league although Baltestier is rubbish. Plus I don't want to carry all my gears to Tampines on public transport. And lighting at Bishan is the best in Singapore.