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    Travel Diaries - Europe~

    brings back so much memories for me... tks for sharing...
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    Heartpatrick Portraits - Vivien in Bukit Bintang

    i like your processing... #7 stands out for me... very gorgeous model as well. Tks for sharing.
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    Changi Boardwalk Sunrise 01 - 08 - 09

    nice series... thanks for sharing...
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    Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park 2009

    excellent landscape! tks for sharin mate!
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    Tribute to the kids of Mabul Island, Sabah Borneo II

    very nice travel portraits
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    The Paradise - Langkawi

    very nice series... more pls...
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    I left my heart in Aegean Sea (Greece)

    absolutely stunning!
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    Yellowstone and Grand Tetons NP

    brilliant colors! love it!
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    Magical Morocco 2009

    very nice series... thanks for sharing! :)
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    Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

    Scottish highland is really beautiful. I was there in April and I absolutely loved it. Lovely pic by the way. ;)
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    Loire valley - France

    power shot!
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    Paris in summer

    very lovely series... like ur treatment...
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    [night86mare] Vietnam 2009

    always a delight to look at your works!
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    Hong Kong

    nice series... quite like ur treatment.
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    Backpacking in europe

    not sure if u noe these websites to book ur hostel: ;) u will luv europe!
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    Backpacking in europe

    agree that 5 days for prague a bit long... considerations can be given to innsbruck, salzburg, vienna or cesky krumlov be4 going to prague. These are lovely cities as well. Gd luck.
  17. J

    Backpacking in europe

    Just want u to take note. If u are flying by budget airline, they have strict regulation on the size of ur bagpack. Well... if ur bagpack is not too big, u can carry it with u on-board free, but if it's too big then they will force u to check-in and that will cost u in the region of 20-25 euro...
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    Backpacking in europe

    hi TS, there are sites such as and which u can use if u want. :)
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    Priscillia - fish on land

    my fav is #6. :) nice series.
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    Mag on the beach

    is that a wedding couple towards the right of the pic? haha.