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  1. yumyum

    Battery in DSLR

    DO I remove my battery from DSLR if I do not use for 3 to 6 months??? Will the battery discharge like those batteries in the markets AA type ? Thanks
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    Anyone would kind to share the schedule for the ndp 2016 fireworks
  3. yumyum

    Star Awards

    Anyone shoot hall of fame ?? Today at new building ???
  4. yumyum

    Chinese countdown fireworks

    S there countdown fireworks tonight @ MBs ????????
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    CR 1

  6. yumyum

    singaore sportshub opennig

    anyone shooting fireworks for opening sportshub on friday ???
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    Makan Collection by YUmyUm

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    1st shot

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    Nikon 85 f1.8 g series

    How much is 85f1.8 g lens now ? Brand new I mean I m in Hong Kong n may I know where to buy better price lens ?
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    Anyone knows when is cosfest pls
  14. yumyum

    Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

    I m thinking of getting this machine, try to ask around how's the performance but no feedback,,,, anyone using this,,,, the power zoom seems to stretch 1200mm... how is the image like ? is the photo blur ?
  15. yumyum

    Macro photos

    Ello guys I saw many many beautiful Photos of insects , do I need to crop the photos or just shoot 1:1
  16. yumyum

    Sigma 150-500 f5 /6.3 works with tc

    Please anyone here knows whether the lens can work with teleconverter afs type ?
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    Anyone here still play Maplestory PC base ? I miss the PC base, can share the link to download >
  18. yumyum

    Macro 2 : 1

    Anyone know for macro lens 2 : 1 ? Pls help I m totally new to macro
  19. yumyum

    9 June - Hebe To My Love 2012

    祝贺 HEBE 田馥甄 To My Love 新加坡演唱会 2012 圆满成功
  20. yumyum

    New Camera

    Just wonder if anyone change camera in any durations say every 3 or 5 yrs