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    Maman23 Landscapes

    It's been a long time since i last post/logged in to this portal. And i would like to share some of the photos that i took eversince i've been gone. Feel free to add me on instagram @maman23 Thank you and i welcome all comment & critiques to further improve myself and the rest! (...
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    WTSell: Filter - Lee Graduated Neutral Density

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Filter Equipment Brand: Lee Equipment Model: Graduated Neutral Density Price (S$): 200 Description: Lee filters GND landscape set. 3 100x150 filters of assorted GND colours. Real Name: iman Contact Number: 81136225 Condition of Item...
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    I'm Seeing Double

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    WTBuy: Filter - Any any

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Filter Equipment Brand: Any Equipment Model: any Budget (S$): any Description: I'm looking for an IR filter if you have any. Msg me the details like the diameter and price @ 81136225 tq! Real Name: iman Contact Number: 81136225...
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    Pinnacle @ Duxton

    Just One. Long time no shoot, yesterday decided to go with gf. Aiseh!
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    For a friend shot. Long time no shoot, ns ma. sian.
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    Smile for the fish and the fish will smile for you.

    Its okay if you are not a fan of this PP and damn he didn't focused on my face.
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    Anyone here do surfcast fishing? Or anyone here fish? :cool::cool:
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    Our Date

    Just playing around with photoshop. Quite fun.
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    Street Surfers

    Pardon me for my bad photoshop skills.
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    WTBuy: Tripod - fancier etc -

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Tripod Equipment Brand: fancier etc Equipment Model: - Budget (S$): $40 Description: - Real Name: maman Email Address: Warranty Status: - Additional Comments: -
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    Tamiya 4WD FTW!

    Its TIME! Super Astute Junior FTW! I know how i present it sux but just wanna relive the past!
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    My Point Of View

    Fuji Sensia Slow shutter on a moving bus.
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    Loving 30mm f1.4 -.-

    That Colourful Conversations
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    .::Maman23 Landscapes::.

    Morning Glory Sunrise on Friday the 13th. The period immediately before and after sunset and sunrise is happy hour.
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    regarding wedding

    hi all, just want your views on the brightness of photos or such. would you, wedding photographers, prefer shooting in the right exposure, or just shoot and exposures isn't impt and whats impt is the feel or composition? and if you were to edit, do you edit much? i ask this is because i...
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    What i've been up to this week

    Starry Night
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    I'm Walking Away

    After deciding on the title, the song, 'I'm Walking Away' by Craig David always playing in my mind. And i personally love the contrasty yet some soft touch in here. And also how the clouds revolves around him. I hope this gives my viewers some story as in, why the man is there, it could...
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    Sumpahan Sebuah Jeti

    It's close to 2 hours i've been touching up this photo, and that is to clone away the ever distracting ships light behind. What i worry most is, choosing the right colours. But i think it alright, as it roughly suits the theme or title that i'm trying to portray. Btw, this was taken in...