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    wait for 35mm f1.8 or get 50mm f1.8?

    if u really can't wait for the 35mm, and really really want to save the $, you can go get a 2nd hand one. hmm.. kenrockwell's information from US listing gives a different price. wonder if nikn singapore has uppz their price already? personally, i find that 50mm f1.8 is a very good (and...
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    Photography Notes For Newbies

    wonder if people should compile it into some pdf file so people can d/l it and read it..
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    *wave* Hello to ClubSnappers!

    hello! welcome to CS! =)
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    D90 focusing in liveview using face priority

    hey guys, give him a chance yeah? everybody starts somewhere.. =) don't worry, akagi07, just keep shooting. the more you shoot, the better you get.. try ur hand on anything that you see, just keep practising at it! try figurine(s).. might help with ur DOF practice, and then try on things tt move
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    WTBuy: DSLR - Nikon D90 +/- kit

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: D90 +/- kit Budget (S$): you quote Description: Looking for a 10/mint D90 +/- kit, with few months of warranty left. Come in golden box, best with filters, hood, CF 4gb. Thanks! Sms...