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    Cute Cute Baby

    The Fullerton Hotel?
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    Recommended Lens

    okay.. thanks for your help..
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    Recommended Lens

    I would think i need a zoom lens.. but there are so many to choose from.. so i'm at a lost now..
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    Recommended Lens

    I find that I can't really zoom into the faces of ppl to capture their emotions.. most of my photos now seems to be rather quite 'wide-angled'..
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    Recommended Lens

    So let's say I want to get a lens which allows me to cover events (eg. school concerts, gatherings, etc.), which lens should I look out for? I'm currently still using the 400D kit lens.
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    Oakley warranty ...

    replacement of ear and nose pads are free as long as you can produce your warranty card and receipt, regardless of date of purchase. i've got mine replaced twice already and my prescription specs are already 5 years old! ;) frames should be able to be replaced if it's withing the 1 year. if...
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    oakley warranty

    i juz got my Socket 2.1 as well! :) and replaced the ear and nose pads for my Box Spring for free at the Leng Kee Service Centre! :) Oakleys are great! :)
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    Which videocam to buy? JVC or Sony?

    haha.. have to get everything ready first ma.. or else might miss out on something? :D
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    Which videocam to buy? JVC or Sony?

    yup.. i'll be going down to try them out.. just wanted to get a feel of the 2 models from people here who might be using or have experienced them.. ;)
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    400D User Group

    1.wanzw 2.fotojoy 3.flightspeed 4.DavidChew 5.kencfk 6.Technospaz (aka Jason) 7.jazzyboi 8.projectDzaki 9.Eboon 10.sheltie_prince 11.giraffed 12.Autocratic 13. Broccoli aka Jerome 14. Hydropop 15. Tiramzai 16. jeremyspk 17. NiVleK 18. mervingeronimo20 19. xtn32 20. hannson...
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    Which videocam to buy? JVC or Sony?

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to get a videocam for general family usage. Mostly would be for my son who's arriving in a month's time. I've more or less shortlisted the models and are left with the following: JVC GZ-MG505 & Sony DCR-SR300E Which one would be a better choice...
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    What software you use to show your photo

    these 2 are paid software right? any software that comes free? or is there any software that's in-built into Mac OS that can do batch rename? the canon software that came with the 400D also doesn't have this function.. or does it? :dunno:
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    What software you use to show your photo

    any software for use on Mac OS for batch renaming?
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    Canon 400D or Nikon D40?

    many apologies for posting such a dumb question.. sorry..
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    Canon 30D or 400D

    dun mind can show a photo of this grip that u're talking about? and how much does it cost?
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    D80 or 400D

    For EOS 400D/350D kit: Purchase-with-purchase EF 55-200 II USM lens at just $399 (U.P. $490). Available at point of sale
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    Canon 400D or Nikon D40?

    Which one should I get as my first DSLR?
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    Where to get good bak kut teh?

    I highly recommend the Bah Kut Teh shop along Sultan Gate.. It's the best! Comparable to those I've eaten in KL.. Try it.. No regrets.. :cool:
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    Recommendation for Interior Designer

    Hi! Can anyone recommend a good Interior Designer who is good value for money? Need to renovate my new place which is coming soon.. :)