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    Is it a good timing to buy resale flat now?

    Please share your opinion. The more units i viewed the more dishearted i felt. Everyone is shouting COV 30k, 40k, 50k.. :cry:
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    Need advise about buying Sony Camera from Tokyo

    Hi, I have a few questions hope you guys can advise me. 1. Sony camera is it cheaper in Tokyo? 2. Does it have international warranty? 3. Does it have english language? Hope to receive your reply. Thank you
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    Advice on Sony Digital Camera

    Hi Guys, I would like to buy Sony DSC-TX7/R. Is it a good camera? Or i should buy a W series? And also, anyone know if Sony will launch new Camera this month? Cuz i travelling 31 March, need to get a small camera :) Lastly, is it more advicable to buy Camera in Tokyo? Better choice...
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    WTSell: Others - Ampro AmPro

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: Ampro Equipment Model: AmPro Price (S$): 50 Description: Dry cabinet/ Box. Working condition. Real Name: haze Contact Number: 96815028 Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 7 Warranty Status: nil
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    WTSell: Bags - Crumpler 15 Love

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Bags Equipment Brand: Crumpler Equipment Model: 15 Love Price (S$): 60 Description: Selling away a good condition bag. Hardly use, kept it in the storeroom. Real Name: haze Contact Number: 96815028 Condition of Item (as per...
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    Durian plantation at JB

    Hi guys, Do you know where in JB can I find nice and cheap durian? I heard that the durian season is back for One Month.
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    Help on USA toll free number

    Hi, I need to call this number urgently to cancel my order before it was processed. 1800 427 7895 (gap style) This a number to dial within USA. What is the country code or number that i can call from Singapore? Or anyone Now locate in USA can help me to call to cancel? Will be much...
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    Help: Need good recommedation of dentist who do Gum Treatment

    Anyone have good recommendation for Dentist whom do Gum Treatment? Best is able to give good discount. My dentist quoted me $600 for Gum Treatment (just for 3 tooth) subsequent Treatment will be $200 per session, either every 3 months Gum Treatment once or 6 months Gum Treatment. Continue...
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    Bake Talk

    Ladies and Gentlemen who love to bake please fall in ^^ I would like to learn to bake nice CNY cookies, cake, pie, pizze etc. And also, I looking for those disposal baking alumimium Tray with plastic transparent cover. Phoot Huat have Tray but there is no cover. It's not presentable...
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    Urgent: where to get WD my passport essential in Sim Lim square?

    I want to get a Red Colour Western Digital my passport Essential 320GB urgently Tmr. Which shop in Sim Lim Square is reliable and cheaper? I checked Videopro list it states 139. But they have not reply if have red colour. Please advise Shop name, floor and unit. Many Thanks
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    Everything about "VPOST" USA/JAPAN

    Anyone order online thru vpost? Is it worth and fuss free? What is the website you likes to shop?
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    Help : Where to buy Fridge Bottle Opener?

    Hi Gentlemen, Do you know where can I get this "Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener"? Molescule is selling, but is $70 bucks. I am looking at $20+ range. Two weeks ago, I saw it at Raffles city basement, but last night went there, the lady said sold out. Please help. Thank you
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    Help! How to set up the "menu" of my New LCD monitor?

    I just bought a Samsung 931c LCD Monitor. But the fonts is abit blur, the colour is pale. Can someone teach me how to set up the "menu". I saw in the menu.. there is Picture: Brightness Contrast Color: Color Innovation Color Control Gamma Image: Coarse Fine Sharpness...
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    Hong Kong Trip on September

    I wonder, if i choose to go Hongkong On september.. is it nothing much to shop? first time going Hongkong, so I need to ask hehe. Usually Hongkong Summer sales are for Branded stuff? Thought of going on 6 to 10 september. Those ppl always go hongkong, please give me ur opinion Millions...
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    Goodwood park Japanese BBQ Buffet

    There is a japanese restaurant at Goodwood park. They have this Japan BBQ buffet which was very nice.. few yrs ago i tried before. Is it still exisit? Do you know how much is it for weekday LUNCH & Dinner Buffet?
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    Where to eat Long Leg Crab other then Turf club?

    Hi there, Where else can I eat those LOng Leg Crab? Other then Turf club.. where else ah?
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    Father's Day .. where to eat leh

    Any suggestion where should I choose for father's day dinner? We have 7 adults and 2 children :).. Budget.. best is below $300 lor.. Chinese food prefer.. restaurant prefer also so i can make early booking. i thought of Jade Restaurant at Great World City. Hmm.. usually they have Set...
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    How to edit the dog's muzzle area?

    Hi guys, I always use dodge to edit the dog muzzle area.. is this the right way? any other way can advice me? my dog muzzle is seriously stain.. so always have to edit this part -___-
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    What is the must place to visit in Melbourne?

    I am going to melbourne Free n Easy next mth for 12 days. So would like to ask where is the must place to visit? I plan to rent a car for 2 days.. to go to their countryside.. but not sure where should i drive to. Pls share your experience and advise :) And any idea where can i book cheap and...
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    Any Dog Lovers here?

    Hi, Not sure if I will get bomb Ba if i post about dog here.. i think will have ppl said i should post in dog forum. But CS is the most pop forum in SG. the rest is quite quiet. So any Dog lovers here? :D.. pls share what dog are u having? I am thinking of getting westie or Maltese...