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    Calibrating monitor for lightroom/photoshop?

    Hi guys.. I intend to upgrade my old photoshop 7. Is there any logical if I install latest lightroom/photoshop software but did not calibrate my monitor? Thanks in advance.
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    SG Airshow: Eagle vs MiG

    Hi guys.. I missed the SG airshow yet again.. Actually want to have a look at Eagle and MiG aerobatic show.. Can anyone share your thoughts.. which is better and slicker in the sky (at the show)? :D
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    The Big Shot 2

    The show registration is open.. wonder who is game enough to participate..
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    Raw+Jpeg Setting

    guys.. Ive been always taking jpeg since i got my dlsr. After a few hands-on with raw photos, I want to take raw from now onwords.. Can anyone enlighten me what are the advantages, taking photos with Raw+Jpeg over Raw setting? Other than wasting space in our memory card.. TIA
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    1st time DSLR/SLT/Nex camera owner.. pls come in

    Hi guys.. i wondering how much have u spent for ur camera and accessories to date and what u intend to buy in near future.. I bought my cam on last yr Christmas eve. This is the first time i have spent so much in such a short period of time.. my wife only shake head..:sweatsm: Darn that BBB...
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    A55 owner.. pls come in..

    ok.. this thread somehow is a continuation from A55 or A33 What make u guys choose A55 instead of A33? Is it because u need.. or maybe A55 is like more 'pro' than A33..? i dont need GPS and 10fps..but I prefer A55 bcoz of it is better 1/2 - 1 stop than A33.. i will take alot indoor...
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    If our eyes is a lense..

    kopi 'photography' talk.. haha the way our eyes can see in the dark and the angle of view, what aperture and focal length, do u think it will equivalent to?
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    K-x single lens kit owner, pls come in..

    Hi guys.. Pls share what is/will be your second lens. Im into general photography and i love to get zoom lens such as 55-200mm. Im sure it will be great outdoor. but on other hand, i take mostly indoor photo, so i need bigger aperture, so i aim for FA50mm 1.4. Thus not sure which one to...
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    Need recommendation - Flash

    Hi guys.. Pls recommend me a good flash with bounce capabilities, to be used with my old trusty Canon S5 IS. Im into general photography and mostly take indoor photos of my family. Do pls recommend me some with price, less than $100. Thx in advance..
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    camera for industrial's use.. recommend me

    hi guys.. we r looking for digital camera dat suitable to be used in industrial environment.. mainly to be used in warehouse, site, and sometime offsea. dat means it gonna be dusty. our old sony digital mavica just died on us.. so we need a replacement below are our priority. 1...