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    dry cabinet

    Hi all , i getting a dry cabinet for my camera, as i m new so alot of stuff need to ask from the seniors here. Firstly after getting the dry cabinet, beside the gel silicon , what else do i need to purchase? how often do i need to change the gel for it? and should i detach my lens when i put...
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    Rain droplet on lens

    Hi i just start shooting as i buy my em1 recently.... so my question is in taiwan there drizzling and droplet is on the front of the lens of the clear part, when i want to clean what should i use? i try using soft cloth for the spectacle lens but when i want to clean it, the droplet is gone...
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    Newbies questions on filter and lenshood

    Hi bro how i know which filter should i get? i notice they give a lens hood, so do you guys attach the lens hood on normally?
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    Cant decide which camera to get for Christmas

    Hi all pro and hobby lovers here, i decide to ge myself a camera for christmas and use it for photography each time i go oversea... For example next month i be in taiwan and i want shoot for sakura tree... I can't decide to got olympus EM1 or go for cannon 7D mark 2 or 6D.... i waiting for...
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    Need advice for first camera

    Hi i going get a camera for leisure use and i am a newbie, i wondering is Olympus OMD em-1 now a good buy? or is it an overkill for a newbie to use it? Anyone have any recommendation for a new hand like me to get?