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    Olympus E-PL6 Mutiple Exposure using overlay

    Hello I just bought a new ELP6, read instruction manual on turning on Mutiple Exposure using overlay, however the overlay buttons always seemed to be grey out and unclickable . Anyone know how to use this function (for shooting HDR)
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    Videographer! Needed

    Date 19 Nov 2011 Morning gatecrash + Afternoon Church Wedding (ends by 2pm). NO DINNER requirement. Hi Guys Getting married need send your portfolio and rates to Cheers Jeff
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    AD make up artist needed

    Date 19 Nov 2011 Morning gatecrash + Afternoon Church Wedding (ends by 2pm). NO DINNER requirement. Hi Guys Getting married need make up send your portfolio and rates to Cheers Jeff
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    Car insurance-Automoneyback

    Hey guys...i am sourcing for car insurance renewal....and I came upon this site They seemed to be able to give rewards for insurance renewal and give free insurance quotation... anyone tried before?:dunno:
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    Things to look out for in a studio photoshoot.

    A couple of my friends are gonna rent a studio and have some fun photoshoot. what are the things that i should be looking out for: 1) in renting studio 2) in bringing props/dressing to studio 3) any special technique require for studio shoots? 4) other advices
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    COE price gone weee yet again! CERTIFICATE of Entitlement (COE) prices spiked sharply at yesterday's tender - the last such exercise before a sizeable reduction in supply kicks in next month - taking industry players aback and sparking calls for...
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    nightmare in movie

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    how much does it cost to repair a car bumper

    i recently bump my car into a tree...dumb me...any idea how much it would cost. there is no big dent...its more of something like a crease form when you fold a piece of paper - the surface no longer retain it smoothness. I went to some 1 shop, they quote me less than 200. Never repair a...
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    Total fertility rate last year hit a new low of 1.23 aiyo house so exp. baby so exp to keep. that explains why we dont want babies...not to actually make us want more.
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    i had a nightmare

    i woke up thinking that all my pictures i shot had an incredible amount of noise and i have spent zillion of years removing them 1 pixel at a time.:bsmilie::sweat:
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    i now know why wedding photographers deserve to be paid so much

    post processing is a real pain! haha not to mention waking up early and working whole day. !
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    alumin foil for bounce card

    anyone tried this before?
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    suggestion MP3 players brand

    im seriously hating ipod / itunes 1) they can only play WMA 2) when they copy songs from wma to mp3 they dont know how to delete the wma file! 3) they give freaking lots of duplicates file whenever you try to import your folders from 1 computer to another computer. 4) bloody...
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    Where do distributors of Singapore import their camera from

    Does anyone have any clues on how shops like CP/AP, etc import their camera from? ie nikon directly from japan or via some other distributor?
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    [wildsoyabean]Photo Journal 2010

    Happy new year everyone. I pray i be more hard working this year and shoot more photos, earn more $$, investment increase, be a more loving and God fearing person.!
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    why is 12-24 f4 pentax so ex?

    i was considering about switching to pentax...but then...i see the 12-24 wide angle 2nd hand price ---- 800-900 ++..zzz is there a tokina 12-24 mount for pentax?
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    Google street View in SG

    woot found my home too. wonder how they took the phoho with 2 camera or 1 ultra wide? notice the different colour between them
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    Which smart phone do you use?

    Just curious in what kind of phones does our csers use.
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    My Radioactive Bag

    Radioactive background made using the papers that were stuck inside the bag (filling the bag up so they look big) - this is what we call recycling ah? My b-day present : Braun Buffel Bag :lovegrin:
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    My most expensive Pen

    A gift from my father.