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    Olympus E-PL6 Mutiple Exposure using overlay

    Hello I just bought a new ELP6, read instruction manual on turning on Mutiple Exposure using overlay, however the overlay buttons always seemed to be grey out and unclickable . Anyone know how to use this function (for shooting HDR)
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    Videographer! Needed

    thanks for all the emails =) . we are seriously considering them.
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    Videographer! Needed

    Date 19 Nov 2011 Morning gatecrash + Afternoon Church Wedding (ends by 2pm). NO DINNER requirement. Hi Guys Getting married need send your portfolio and rates to Cheers Jeff
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    AD make up artist needed

    Date 19 Nov 2011 Morning gatecrash + Afternoon Church Wedding (ends by 2pm). NO DINNER requirement. Hi Guys Getting married need make up send your portfolio and rates to Cheers Jeff
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    expressively jOhO - Selections by Michael Chan

    really enjoy your works...its such an art =)
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    Car insurance-Automoneyback

    its seems like they are able to help you source for quotations...and payments are made directly to insurers...seems quite okie maybe i will give it a try and see how it goes
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    Car insurance-Automoneyback

    ya...flood increase insurance some more zzz
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    Car insurance-Automoneyback

    Hey guys...i am sourcing for car insurance renewal....and I came upon this site They seemed to be able to give rewards for insurance renewal and give free insurance quotation... anyone tried before?:dunno:
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    nikon D90 replacement...

    time to sell the D90!
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    Compact Camera Rock! Put dSLRs into shame!

    come on...lets not deny 90% of the photoshoots highly sort after and highly priced are sexy/bikini/lingerie shots. is there a reason for this? economics : supply and demand for drooling purposes (own opinion like NM). the only girl is shoot is my gf or paid photoshoots where people pay me to...
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    "Back pack" to use for Ryanair

    yes they can be real strict....i seated it twice and both times they check my hand carry. my advice is just pay a little more to check it...if u really got too many things... but if its just a short trip....n u r just bringing a few set of clothes ,it should be fine.
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    AF 50/1.4D No Wordings on lens body!

    if its the body no words can be due to age. however the front element should still have nikon f1.4 50mm on its side...this should not wear out as it usually protected by filter
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    u gd some real nice shots here....make me feel like headin to bali
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    Guys, i need help!

    nah...wont affect u... as if u gonna hunt for those antique lens. and its not dun fit... just some antique lens cant meter/autofocus. and since you are using d90, motor issues wont affect you. motor issues affect bodies like d40,60,3000,5000. infact these bodies can use most of the nikon...
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    Aerial photography failure or success?

    :nono: why is it a seen people on choppers with 400mm before? any this is a :thumbsup: photo...just wish the contrast to be more and the mountains to be clearer....but i know...not easy...did u take it on a plane?
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    whats so lonely abt this? care to explain? to be blunt... no subject. nothing to see
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    Which CS members have given you the impetus ....

    1 more person. - mattlock for his maggi mee suscide
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    Which CS members have given you the impetus ....

    hahaha...nightmare...simply for his "ünderwater" shots at sub zero degrees.
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    Notebook & Camera Backpack

    i suggest think twice...haha i started off with a big bag...then the bag gets smaller and i realise 2kg of camera equip with 1.5kg of tripod + 2kg of laptop and 0.5kg of water is no fun at all. if you still want 1...i recommend kata bags...go to any cathay or penisular ...should...
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    Apple iPad as a photo previewer!

    strange...ipad cant edit photos..and preview on 10" screen... zzz i rather carry a 10" laptop with photoshop in it. at least can do more stuff.