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    [jon.chiang] Hands-on with the Ricoh GR III

    Great review. Nice photos.
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    Ricoh GR III: First impression

    The GR III hybrid AF system doesn't disappoint but to be honest, it doesn't wow me either. I feel the performance is just about the same as my old Sony RX-100 Mark I.
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    Ricoh GR III: First impression

    ISO 800 1/50 F2.8 Update Mar 4, 2019: After using GR III for three consecutive days, here are the few points that I would like to share: Image Control The preset image control settings of GR III are: Standard, Vivid, BW (4 presets), HDR, Retro, Bleach Bypass, and Positive film. Each of...
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    Ricoh GR III: First impression

    Through Clubsnap, I managed to finally get a hold of this recently announced Ricoh GR III. Here are some of the shots of my first outing with this compact camera: Standard color mode: HDR mode: BW mode: For the monotone modes alone, there are four preset settings users can choose...
  5. Bedok


  6. Somewhere in Dubai

    Somewhere in Dubai

  7. Oasia Downtown

    Oasia Downtown

  8. Somewhere in Singapore

    Somewhere in Singapore

  9. Somewhere in Singapore

    Somewhere in Singapore

  10. Budget phone camera night shot test.

    Budget phone camera night shot test.

  11. Green building

    Green building

  12. CBD


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    Ricoh Theta V has landed

    A new firmware version 1.10.1 was released yesterday Oct 24, 2017 which improves the image joining accuracy and still image quality (by modifying the compression ratio).. Go get it:
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    Ricoh Theta V has landed

    But for those who love taking videos, Ricoh Theta V with 4K video and spatial sound features will make them happy campers, especially performing artists who want to record their performance with spatial sound like this Youtube post: Ricoh even makes a...
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    Ricoh Theta V has landed

    Under the latest firmware (version 1.00.2), EV can only be adjusted for taking still images, not for video. Here is the screen shot of the Android phone app that controls the Theta V in video shooting mode.
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    Ricoh Theta V has landed

    Click on the image to view the 360 degree version For those who are familiar with Theta S and Theta SC, I imagine the first question that comes to mind when Ricoh launched the new Theta V last month would be “what are the improvements?” So, let us jump directly and talk about the improvements...
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    Ricoh Theta V has landed

    The recently launched Ricoh Theta V 360 degree camera has landed on our Singapore shore! Please watch this space for the upcoming review. Here is the unboxing video. Specifications: Object distance: Approx. 10cm - infinity (from front of lens)...
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    [rty] Sony RX100 V premium compact camera user review

    Image 21 ISO 12800, 1/320, f/2.8 I like to take a leisure walk around HDB blocks in the evening to take photos of community cats. At times, the lighting at some HDB blocks where those felines hang around may be far from adequate. This palm size compact RX100 V with its low noise high ISO...