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    Regarding Entry Rule for Olympus Global Open Photo Contest 2017-18

    Hi There is currently a photo contest organized by Olympus. I have never taken part before. And I was surprised to see this rule: "If the subject of a photo is a person, permission must be received from that person (parent or guardian in the case of a minor) before the photo can be...
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    Regarding Payment for Editorial Photography

    Moderator(s), I am not too sure if I am posting into right section. If this is the wrong section, please help to move the thread. Thank you. Hi I have just received a message from a French photo editor. She wants to use a photo (that I took at event) for a magazine. She did indicate the...
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    [ Kaishi Click] Meetup #1: For New Nikon DSLR Users

    What is this meetup about? 開始 (Kaishi) means start in English. I hope to help you get started on your photography journey. This is a sharing session. I will explain some basic concepts. Then you will put the new knowledge into practice. Who should attend? If you are a new...
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    Sensor Clean Option on D7000

    If I am not wrong, D7000 has some image sensor cleaning function. After reading the manual, I am wondering what does it mean "Place the camera base down". 1) Does it mean the LCD screen face the ceiling? 2) BTW, do I need to remove the lens before activating the sensor cleaning? Thanks.
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    What is a Reasonable Price to pay for a "Model"?

    I am thinking of paying someone ("model") to practise my lighting skills and composition. The "model" does not need to pose much and will be subjected to a lot of flash light. No photos will be given unless I wanted to. Here are some of my concerns: 1) What is a reasonable price to pay...
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    RAW File Write Speed on D7000

    Scenario: Please note that all photos are shot in RAW. I took photo A. I took photo B. And immediately, I did a quick review photo B on the playback. Then I tried to look at photo A. There is a delay of 1 to 2 seconds before I could see photo A. I suspect that the camera was still...
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    Earth Hour Orchard 2011

    1. People Posing This is my favourite photo of the day 2. Interesting Signs 3. Lightning Up Part I 4. Lightning Up Part II 5. Denise Keller Chatting with other Guests
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    Is the aspect ratio for Nikon Camera 3:2?

    Hi Actually, I wanted to crop a photo proportionally. I did a google and found something about aspect ratio. Anyone has any idea?
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    AF-A, AF-C and AF-S

    Hi. I am usually using AF-A for my D40. I was reading why 51 points was required ( And realised that there was AF-A, AF-S and AF-C. I never changed the mode before and decided to give it a try...
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    What Camera Bag for This Nikon Combination?

    I am thinking of getting a camera bag. I wonder what bag would fit the following requirements: 1. D300(s) 2. 70-200mm VRII mounted on camera 3. SB-900 4. One other lens or able to mount a lens bag to it 5. Easy to take out the camera My preference is a sling bag. But if there is a...
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    Roaming Night Festival 2010 with 35mm lens

    I realised that I have taken something different from most people here. Anyway, this is the first time I use a prime lens for the whole event. I am pretty pleased. But I think I need more practise. Hope that it will paint a picture of what is it to be there... My photo of the Day: Fab...
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    About Tianya Filter

    Hi I am new to ND and GND stuff. After some research, I think I am getting the following: 1 X Filter Holder 1 X Filter Ring (52mm for my kit lens) 1 X ND4 1 X ND8 1 X GND or 2 X GND??? Here are some questions: 1) I am not sure if I should get one or two GND. I heard that GND...
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    My Point of View

    I have not posted anything in this section for a very long time. This thread will be used for my future posting :) Here are some of my recent photos: 1. Fountain of Light 2. Huge Tree 3. Colorful Lights
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    Jpeg Normal Vs Jpeg Fine on My D40

    I mounted my D40 on a tripod and took some night shots of a bridge; one using Jpeg Normal and the other Jpeg Fine. Both were taken with ISO 200. I have not noticed any significant difference in the quality. Is this a bad test? Or is that the expected output? Thanks.
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    Where to Buy Photo Album with Black Background

    I am looking for those photo albums, that have plastic sheets on individual page. Then you can flipped out the plastic sheet, put the photo(s) in and stick it back. But most places are selling this kind with the white background on the individual page. Where can I find black ones? Name of...
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    Problem Removing Stepup Ring From CPL Filter

    I went to person's shop to collect a B+W CPL filter. It is a person doing mass sale here and I shall not mentioned who. I did not accept the filter because there are dust particles on it. But I cannot remove the filter and the stepup ring (52-77mm) after testing it. Now the filter is still...
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    Anyone modified his Kaiser Adapter to Mono Jack?

    As recommended in, I got a Kaiser adapter. It fits my SB-600 very well. Very secure. Now, the problem is the cable for input to my skyport receiver. I went to 2 shops where they suggested cutting off the top, soldered it with the...
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    My Rear Sync Flash of Chingay 2010

    I seldom took my photos in Rear Sync Mode. All photos were taken with D40, SB-600 with occasional support with the tripod. Not perfect photos. I will do it better the next time. Hope that you like it ;) Chingay 2010 #1 Chingay 2010 #2 Chingay 2010 #3
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    Issues of SB600 with Skyport

    Although I bought the Skyport for sometime, it is only recently that I started to use more the product more. Here are the issues: 1) The flash cannot be triggered immediately after setting up. Although there is flash output when I pressed the "Test" button on the transmitter, I often have to...
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    Where to Buy CR2430 Lithium Battery for Skyport?

    Besides Cathy, I wonder if anyone knows where to get the CR2430 battery for the Skyport transmitter?