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    WTSell: Video Cameras - Sony HVR-V1P HDV(PAL)

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Video Cameras Equipment Brand: Sony Equipment Model: HVR-V1P HDV(PAL) Price (S$): $2800 Description: Click the link to read about this SONY Pro Cam Description THANKS. Real Name...
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    "Need Videography on July'08 School Events"

    Hi :D Im helping my friend to look for Videography up coming July'08 events. All reply will direct to my friend HP. I just make recommendation. Don't PM but email me the details I will reply the HP No. Thank You for your help. Video shooting for Taiwanese students at kampong glam. 1)...
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    Hdrfx7 Pal

    Hi 1 of my friend from AU is having a HDRFX7 PAL for a small HDV 1080i filming a Doc. After the production he decided to sale off the set. Told me if any chance local may need this set for semi pro user. Warranty still on at SONY SINGAPORE 14 months very new set with box. Can be pack into it...
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    Any Best Photo Galleries Online ?

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    West Side

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    West Point Dark Side

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    Asian Aerospace 2006

    Here are some Photos taken from my Lover SONY F717 :thumbsup: The Rest is here...
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    Color Rainbow

    Taken in Jan 2006. Is a long angle shot. Cam SONY F717;)
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    Learning Produced, Story, Filming, Edit & DVD

    Hi If you need somebody to teach or some basic IT training, PM me. I can help. More than 9 Years in Indoor, studio and Outdoor. If you need a Basic Teacher ;) :thumbsup:
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    How many times u have been RT?

    Sure this question will frighten u and me or all the SG members guys. Which camp you go for RT? What is the New Rules for RT now? What happened if u have complete RT and yet can't pass the test? Last, how many times u have go 4 RT? Try to get some Latest News. I have been pass few...
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    My F828 at KOREA

    April'04 F828 KOREA Just a few shots on Outdoor and indoor with Day and Night without tripod support. Photos had resize. Total about 2.8GB of photos I have taken. The about is just 1 of them... ;p :thumbsup:
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    Firmware Update DSC-F828 v1 to v2

    Have you'll notice about this firmware update? If not. See the step by step.
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    at ClubSnap!!??

    这个论坛支持汉语言语表达啊。。。? Hahahahahahahaha..... :bsmilie:
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    Camera Raw 2.1 FOR F828 [Only APS CS] Digital camera raw file support The Adobe® Photoshop® camera raw functionality provides fast and easy access within Photoshop software to the proprietary "raw" image formats produced by many leading...
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    F828 Night Outdoor Event Pixs

    ;) FireWorks and Chingay 2004 :cool: After more than 1000 TEST shots, for outdoor is very good in Real color mode. Indoor will need some good adjustment to get out of CA problem. The below pix is not full size. The shot out is not bad, what ever you'll talk about. 28 Pixs
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    Happy Chinese New Year 2004

    This Year Chinese New Year too fast for everybody... :o
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    3 X'mas Night Pix with SONY-F828

    3 Pix have resize. Using without tripod. For those who have F828, try without the tripod, it can take very nice shots. The body itself is enough weight to hold the balance of the cam shake.
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    SONY F828 News

    SONY.CA Cyber-shot® 8.0 Mega-pixel Digital Still Camera: Book Advance :cool:
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    Today China Report F828

    China F828 The above link on PCHome "Chinese Only" If you can't read it, there is some pictures to see as well :o Can't wait to touch this product ;p
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    Digital SLR 10D

    Many People are getting Digital SLR Camera. Is Fast, is good pictures, take raw files uncompression, lower prices, professional like A PRO etc... The Hottest News talking point in here the 10D. So your guys and girls, what is your being a DSLR 10D Owner? How much U pay for the set plus a normal...