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    Ricoh GR II

    checked with Click! couple of days ago. No idea on the shipment date yet.
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    Ricoh GR II

    thanks bro
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    Ricoh GR II

    interesting. was about to hoot for a GR, but now that the GR II is out, may reconsider. Is it already available locally?
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    Anyone wearing a Fitbit and thinks it's crap?

    think your set may be defective. I am using the fitbit charge HR and normally, i only hit 2000 calories at the end of a long day (around 8pm or so)and clearing that 10K mark. :)
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    Negative Experience at TK Foto

    can understand TS' POV. I,too,had my fair share of good and bad service from TK (for that matter, almost all the camera shops at Funan). It's heng suay. Some days u have it good, other days not so good. I do my shopping now at Click and Cathay, and sometimes Red Dot. :) You will...
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    Portraiture Experiments - Christine

    keep up the good work and pursuit for improvement. :)
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    How secure is your job?

    yeah, true. 3D printing will really have an impact on how we do manufacture things in future, relying even less on human capital. They can even print eye cells or something like that according to the papers today.. scary.
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    How secure is your job?

    what? u mean aunties have taken a fancy to robots now?
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    change the word pls

    u can be the honorary moderator for CS. :)
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    john 3:16 review

    yah, which i dont understand why. Now, with the stools and all, the hip factor has apparently gone up. Saw quite a few chiobus at the shop patronising the shop recently.
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    Body Piercings

    kei can start a new trend..princess kei piercing. Generations after us will rave about the piercing and its benefits. :)
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    john 3:16 review

    Since the indian guy left, i have never patronised the shop. Find the chinese guy a tad too..'snobbish'? CLick and Cathay for me anytime!
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    He's either two face or the joker. ;)
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    What do you wish for 2014?

    to have a top 10 CS personalities award ceremony...then can finally see in person the likes of Sion and his bevy of lao aunties. :)
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    Riot at Little India now !!

    sion must have been a former commissioner of police! His legacy lives on...
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    Migrated Singaporean

    and the traffic jams...goodness. Was in Chengdu recently. The jams there make PIE in peak hours seem insignificant. :)
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    Migrated Singaporean

    define 'real' chinese-based school. (haha, sorry, just read another thread and the word "define" is stuck in my head...) Anyway, some China's schools also employ ang mors to teach English. Does this mean the schools are not so 'real'? seriously, dude, what do you hope to achieve from...
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    Migrated Singaporean

    Why do you think Singapore is dead and the rest of the world is alive? Sometimes, the other side may not be as green as you think it is. I have worked in UK and US, and frankly, i would rather be in Singapore. The racism, the security issues etc are real, esp in certain areas. I cant even...
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    Leaving on store to sell

    P&G also goes by consignment. Can try the BNS here, or sell your stuff to some of the dealers in this forum if u hate the hassle. For me, i sell to Nikzcam as i dun like the hassle of selling on BNS. Good service, good price (for a dealer IMO).
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    Buyers beware. I bought stolen goods from Clubsnap Classified

    thanks for the warning, Shizuma. :)