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    Anyone knows where can I buy Nikon 35mm f1.8 lens?

    I'm thinking to buy this lens as well. B&H Photo is selling at USD 192.95 (approx SGD 249), even added with shipping cost (USD 41 via UPS) is still cheaper than the shop here. But I don't know whether it is international warranty or not. Otherwise, I'll buy from like yours. Most of the...
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    WTSell: Filter - B+W B+W Circular Polariser MRC, 62mm

    Filter sold to a nice gentleman. Thank you.
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    WTSell: Filter - B+W B+W Circular Polariser MRC, 62mm

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Filter Equipment Brand: B+W Equipment Model: B+W Circular Polariser MRC, 62mm Price (S$): 90 Description: B+W Circular Polariser 62mm. Complete with box, like new condition, very clean. Original price is $165 (can be seen on its...
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    WTSell: Filter - Cokin Cokin P-holder, 62 & 72mm ring, and A/P adapter

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Filter Equipment Brand: Cokin Equipment Model: Cokin P-holder, 62 & 72mm ring, and A/P adapter Price (S$): 40 Description: Cokin filter holder P-series, with 62mm ring and 72mm ring. And A/P adapter which will enable the usage of...
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    WTSell: Lens - Nikon 85mm f1.8 D

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: 85mm f1.8 D Price (S$): 500 Description: This lens was used only a few times, no scratch, can be easily passed as new. Come complete with its original box, hood, user manual, and warranty...
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    Singapore Airshow 2008, 19 to 24 February 2008.

    Will trade visitor be allowed to take photographs of the static display aircraft? I am planning to go there as trade visitor, because in public days it will be too crowded to be able to take picture of an aircraft without somebody in front of it.
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    Canon PowerShot G7

    hey uncle, could you compare the dynamic range of G7 versus F11 at low ISO? try to shoot a cityscape/building at night.
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    Q on SB-28

    No built-in optical slave on SB-28
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    No TV can get fined ?!

    I never listen to radio, yet I have to pay for the radio license everytime I renew my road-tax. There is no opt-out. For me, this is a "forced donation". How about those handphones with radio, shall they pay radio license too?
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    Shutter speed does not change DOF (as long as other parameters are the same). Distance between subject to background, yes, it applies the same rule as subject-to-camera distance. (DOF is applicable to both sides: from the subject toward camera, and from the subject toward background).
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    Soft focus filter will only create "softer lines of contrast", but it does not alter the shape of the lines. Therefore a hexagonal bokeh will still be hexagonal, just the outer lines will be smeared to appear soft. Usually, opening the lens to its maximum aperture will render the bokeh as...
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    Is it true ?

    Not a surprise. Film can be very good and can be very bad. Film should be "more correct", but it also has grains which sometimes may obscure the details. Some types of film have so much grains, while some others are very fine grain. An under-exposed film yields much more grains than a...
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    Good news for photographers who yearn for film like images

    StreetShooter, nice to hear that you moderate all forums. However, as a member, I expect the moderator to be at a level where he/she wisely react toward any flames which either intentionally or not, targeted toward him/her. And should not put himself/herself in the center of the trouble. This...
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    Good news for photographers who yearn for film like images

    You should open a new thread in Kopitiam, and start with a phrase: "Audiophiles are snob".:bsmilie: I have audiophile equipments at home, and playing LPs. What you're saying above has merit, considering the following facts: only a few audiophiles ever heard the real live sound of the recording...
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    Is it true ?

    In the 1960s, when popularity of transistor started, people said vacuum tube will disappear soon. In the 1970s, when popularity of color film started, people said B&W film will disappear soon. In the 1980s, when popularity of CD started, people said analogue LP will disappear soon. Today...
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    Teachers Sponsoring Education

    If teaching is a "calling", then why all those fuss about claiming expenses (except big-expenses)?
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    Teachers Sponsoring Education

    How much is the income (salary) of a teacher? If the net income (after substracted with the "out of pocket expenses") is still good enough, then I want to be a teacher, and I will happily pay all of those extra stuff out of my own pocket.
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    Some color observations

    I suggest you add one more parameter to your observation: - How many of those pictures you saw, were shot using film (either slides or negatives) and how many using digital. Today's Canon optics are as good as Nikon. Nikon had been popular longer than Canon, and still popular today with...
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    Why choose Nikon?

    There are several threads similar as this. The oldest was started at 2002 by Ckiang: I'm a Nikon user, but not because it is better than others. In the early 1980s, I was using Canon AE-1, and happy with it until the end of 80s when Canon...
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    Good news for photographers who yearn for film like images

    The case is: some people still prefer an apple, but he found out that it is much easier and faster to get an orange instead of apple. Therefore they get an orange and squeezing out creativity to make it tastes like an apple. Very much the same situation in hi-end audio arena, where people found...