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    Problem with dry cabinet

    I think mine is a controlled version with a digital display.can't seem to attached pic. https://shashinki.com/shop/aipo-digital-series-38ex-cabinet-with-light-guarantee-lowest-price-malaysia-pi-1530.html I think probably I have to buy a hydrometer and check first.
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    Problem with dry cabinet

    Yah I only managed to find this thread too that's why wanna to confirm if anyone know if it is still around . You meant u repair on your own ? Interesting!
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    Problem with dry cabinet

    Hi, I been using an Aipo 30L dry cabinet for quite some time. Lately off it for few days cos I was shifting. When i turn it on again,the display just keep running 998877665544332211 non stop at first, after a few days it finally stop and display looks ok. However when I try to set to the...
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    Techno Gadgets SPECIAL OFFERS!!! Limited Availability while stocks last!

    Hi can you pm the price for canon speedlit 430EX II? Thanks.
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    Where to buy filters?

    Hi , I am looking to buy close up filters and ND filters. Called a few cameras shop to enquire about Hoya closeup filters but all of them dont sell it. Can anyone advise where can I get them locally? And what is the price range for it? TIA.
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    500D Users Thread

    Hi Halisucide, Thanks for the information. One more question, I'm getting confused over which filters I should get... can someone advise? I like taking landscape pictures with blue sky. My current problem now is the sky will be washout or over-exposed when I take pictures now. From the...
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    500D Users Thread

    Hi, I'm using 500D kit II and keen to purchase a wide angle lens. Any recommendation? 3rd party or canon? I saw a magazine reviewing sigma 10 -20 mm EX DC HSM, anyone using it? Where is a good place to purchase filters and remote control for the camera? Another question, can I check the...
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