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    Christmas Concert!

    With Every Christmas Card I Write... Come A festive-themed concert by Singapore Men's Chorus (SMC)! For an unusual present, give those you care for a "live singing telegram" - an experience they'll enjoy, remember and appreciate. At this concert, let the Singapore Men's Chorus convey...
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    Hi all, Participate in this voting contest and win the following prizes. Fantastic! Tour package for 8 days to Japan for family of 5 Tour package for 5 days to Korea for family of 5 Tour package for 4 days to Hong Kong Disneyland for family of 5 10 Canon Digital IXUS 800 IS 20...
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    Singapore Men's Chorus Concert!

    The Singapore Men’s Chorus (SMC) is proud to present “Love’s Journey” – an international tour of songs about relationships in all their stages. Building on the success of their inaugural concert, SMC spreads its wings with songs from three continents to entertain you. Departure Date: Sunday...
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    Wireless cafes allow use of powerpoint?

    Hi all, Anyone knows any cafes or places that allows you to use your laptop and connect to their powerpoint? And also they have wireless connection? Of course needs to buy drinks or food lah. :)
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    My Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN can't connect to Macdonald's Skynetglobal!

    Hi all IT experts, Hope some of you can help me solve this problem. My notebook Compaq nx6110 can't connect to Madonald's Skynetglobal network. It can connect to all other network except that. My wireless device is as above. I think I can't connect to B networks if you know what I mean...
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    Monkeying Around!

    Some monkeys caught at the Bukit Timah's Nature Reserve. Please comment. Thanks. In deep thoughts What's happening? Why so many photographers? I need a hug
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    Media Merger?

    Hi all, Do you think that the 2 TV stations should merge? :think:
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    Abstracts in Chinatown

    Not sure if this is consider abstract or street. My Life Lost Ball
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    Hong Kong! Colourful or not?

    Hi all, Came back from Hong Kong a few weeks ago and took some photos. Intend to have a series so keep a lookout on this thread. Let's look at the more colourful side of Hong Kong first. :)
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    Bought anything from Cash Convertors?

    Just curious to know if anyone had bought any cameras stuff from Cash Convertors? Just pass by one shop today and saw that they had quite a number of cameras there ranging from Canon, Minolta, Pentax, yashica etc. But dun have Nikon. :think: Anyone bought anything good from them or are...
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    Twentieth Century Poster Font

    Hi all, Recently just re-format my PC and lost all my downloaded fonts. Particularly this font "twentieth century poster" is very important as it was heavily used in my website and as my signature on my photos. I had tried my best looking through all my softwares and all the website...
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    Is it right?

    Is it morally right to take photos of beggars and handicapped people? Am we doing the right thing? Will you take such photos? Got the idea to post this poll from this thread. http://forums.clubsnap.org/showthread.php?p=793778&posted=1#post793778
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    GIF Maker software

    Hi, Anyone knows where I can download free gif making software? I downloaded once before but it only lasts for 30 days. Think it's ULead. Or anyone knows where I can buy cheap ones? Thanks. :)
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    Problem with wireless connection?

    My wireless connection at home is down again! Got connection but internet cannot be found! Anyone knows how to solve this? Do I have to re-install? How to prevent this from happening? :(
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    Jurong Bird Park

    Hi all, Do take some time to have a look at my newbie photos. Comments are welcomed so that I can improve. Thank you so much. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
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    What do you gain from CS?

    Hi, Let's do a poll on what you had gained from CS! :thumbsup:
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    Going for tour

    If you are in a country for the first time, will you visit famous tourist attractions and shop and enjoy? Or will you go to less crowded places or streets to take photos?
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    Studio model shoot for free!

    Hi all, Please note that this photo shoot is over already. Those who PM me I will inform you all if there are more shots in future. Thanks. :thumbsup: Got a friend who is working in a new magazine company and they are looking for photographers to do shots on babies and mothers for their...
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    Photography legal rights?

    Hi all, Just have some questions on the legal rights when it comes to taking photos. 1) If we took pics of people without asking their permission? do we have the rights to post them on the web or develop them for use? Does it matter whether if the person is recognisable on the photo...
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    Personal Makeover

    Hi all, Need to know badly. Does anyone out there knows how to add those makeover effects to your own personal photos?? You know those that gives u a blurred look and most people will look much better as it covers most of your flaws??? I know its a brush effect under photoshop. But not...
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